Monday, September 20, 2010


So since most people in China can't view anymore, I have started blogging at However, I can't put no pictures up yet coz the system doesn't support uploading pictures from c:/. Waiting for the day they do. So if you all wanna know what's going on in my life,

I think I might update here once in a while. But I need to turn on my proxy to get here, and new friends in China won't be able to see. So.... guys. woohooo

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Ain't nothing stopping me from golf

Quick post before I go out to the driving range. God really is trying to stop me from playing golf today. Somehow or another there has been barriers one after another.

I went to work today all ready for my afternoon golf with Tommy Hoo, a dude I met at the golf course like 1 year ago and out of all the friends that are normally available to play during the weekdays, he was the only one available today. So, after lunch just as I was about to leave the office to go play, BBSHHHHHH......rain. Big time. Went back up to the office to get the umbrella, and walked to my car. Shoes were all wet when I got into the car.

Left the office and traffic was insane at the Jalan Duta roundabout near the hockey stadium. I was at a standstill (fine, i moved 100m) for 30 min. Just not moving at all. Found out that some dude left his Estima right in one lane and leaving only one lane to move getting out of the round about.

After getting out of the jam, thought, phewww...finally i'm driving at last. Still raining though. But rain don't stop no golfer. Only lightning does. And just as I was exiting the NKVE at Bukit Jelutung,

Yep. That's my car. Skidded and smashed against the fender. These are some more pictures:

and this is how the accident place looked like:

Instead of taking chunks off the fairways, I take chunks out of highway-side-grass.

During the skid, before hitting the fender, the only thing on my mind was, fuck...this looks like i'm going to hit quite bad and I can't go play golf. After the impact, the car was still running. So optimistic me said, well the car still can move, I think i can still make it to the golf course. We'll deal with the damage later. Called my dad (well it's his car), and got directions from him to take the car home asap. Sigh...

So i'm going to the driving range now. (in my dad's usual car)


I got new shoes. woohoo!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Malaysia so short sighted.

From MSN Malaysia:

Malaysia to monitor Internet for 'harmful' blogs

Malaysia has formed a task force to scour the Internet for blog postings deemed harmful to national unity, authorities said Friday in the latest of a series of actions against new media.

Home ministry deputy secretary general for security Abdul Rahim Mohamad Radzi said the unit would involve the police, Internet regulators, the information ministry and the attorney general's chambers.

"It is a mechanism that will coordinate these various agencies to help monitor what is being said in cyberspace and to take action against those that are trying to stoke racial tensions and disunity," he told AFP.

Abdul Rahim said the group would also monitor alternative and mainstream media for similar content.

"There is a disturbing trend now appearing on the Internet where some people are inciting racial unrest and causing confusion and this will damage the peace we have in the country," he added.

Abdul Rahim cited the recent case of a Facebook page that insulted Muslim Malays. They make up the majority of Malaysia's multicultural population, alongside large ethnic Chinese and Indian communities.

Police are also investigating ethnic Chinese rapper Wee Meng Chee for sedition, after he posted a three-minute rap on YouTube criticising a Malay headmistress accused of making racial slurs against minority students.

The government has ordered a probe into the case which caused anger among Malaysia's minorities, who complain their rights are being eroded as the country becomes increasingly "Islamised".

In another case, Malaysian journalist Irwan Abdul Rahman was charged this week over a satirical blog which made fun of the state power firm Tenaga, and faces a year's jail if convicted.

The prosecution caused a stir because unlike the mainstream press, the web and online media in Malaysia have remained relatively free, despite occasional raids, bans and government criticism.

Major newspapers and broadcasters are closely linked with the ruling coalition, so the Internet has become a lively forum for dissent and debate.

The government in 1996 pledged not to censor online content as part of a campaign to promote its information technology sector.


Malaysia: There's a fucking reason why people are saying shit on the internet. Suppressing these expressions aren't going to stop racial disharmony, in fact it's just going to make people find a way to express them at other outlets, like maybe, burning your fucking royal palace down? Since you want to regulate what we say on the internet, we could always just do what this Cuban blogger is doing:


Article from MSN Malaysia again:

Cuban blogger Sanchez calls media prize a 'shield'

Cuban blogger Yoani Sanchez said winning the media watchdog IPI prize of World Press Freedom Hero is a "protective shield" that will help her break "the wall of censorship," she told AFP Sunday.

Cuban blogger Sanchez calls media prize a 'shield'

Cuban blogger Sanchez calls media prize a 'shield'

"For someone who three years ago started opening cracks in the walls of censorship, my first feeling is that of enormous gratification," Sanchez said of the award she was given Friday.

The recognition from the Vienna-based International Press Institute, which hailed her defiance of press restrictions and commitment to free speech, is "also a shield to keep daring" to put out news from the closeted Communist isle.

Sanchez began her blog Generation Y, which now counts over one million readers, in 2007. However, access to the site was banned in Cuba in 2008.

To bypass this, Sanchez, who celebrated her 35th birthday Saturday, emails her comments to friends abroad who post her notes on the Internet.`

In 2008, Time Magazine in the United States named her one of the 100 most influential people. The following year, her blog was listed as one of the 25 best blogs of the year by the magazine.

The future of Cuba is "where the power of the Internet can be used to promote freedom of expression," Sanchez told AFP, adding that the IPI prize was an additional "incentive" to keep going.

"Gradually the circle of censorship is in the process of breaking down. I am very happy. I will continue," she said.

Alison Bethel McKenzie, director of the Vienna-based International Press Institute, said Friday that Sanchez's "tremendously important work provides a glimpse into what is otherwise a closed world."

She "represents a future where the power of the Internet can be harnessed to promote free speech," McKenzie said in a statement.

Harassed and beaten on separate occasions, Sanchez has noted on her blog that she is constantly watched by state security agents.

But she refuses to stop writing: "If you are insulted by the mediocre, the opportunists, if you are slandered by the employees of the powerful but dying machinery, take it as a compliment," she has written.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

DW Apparel - Nuts

In my one year of not working, in between working at Healthy Homes selling Rainbows and Nuffnang selling online ads, I was playing a lot of poker and decided that there are so many terms in poker that could make some pretty cool funny tshirts, where the design if directly translated, would mean something in poker.

However, due to insufficient planning and lack of funds, we ended up making too many tshirts, with no means of selling them. The tshirts were made with some pretty good quality stuff (we went to the same manufacturer of tshirts as Mercedes-Benz, who were selling their apparel in stores for RM100 a shirt)

So some investments were made but never really turned out to return, and therefore instead of putting more money in to sell these shirts, I thought, getting another job would be way better to reaping those lost money back.

However, these shirts and their designs still mean a lot of me, and people who have seen them have always said it was nice, even though they didn't know what it meant outright. Poker players who knew the terms would after translating the designs into the terms would go, "aaahhhhhh....i get it" haha.

This is one of the designs that we successfully produced:

Nuts - our all time favorite design. Simple and strong. The word "nuts" in poker means the absolute best hand for that round. So say for example, there is 5d 7d Kh Js 4d on the board, and you're holding AdKd, you have the "nuts" as you have the Ace high flush, in which case there are no better possible combination than that.

If you had no idea what 5d 7d meant, the first character is the number of the card, and the second character is the suit. So 5d means 5 of diamonds. K = King, Q = Queen, J = Jack, T = ten, A = Ace. d = diamonds, s = spades, c = clubs, h = hearts.

Flush means the 5 card combination all have the same suit. (all hearts in the example above)
Ace high flush is the highest possible flush, with A as the highest card. So if someone has a K high flush and you have the A high flush, you win.

Flush is bigger than a straight or any pairs, or trips; but smaller than a Full house or Quads, or straight flush.

I think all these are pretty similar to Big 2 if you play that card game.

But yeah, that's what "Nuts" mean, the best hand for that round of poker. I'll share the other designs with you guys soon.

If anyone's interested in getting a tshirt with the design above. Let me know! You can get them for RM20 or you can buy all 200 pieces that I have for a cheaper price!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Dedicated to Huiwen

Dear blog visitor (I say this because I don't think addressing you all as readers would be appropriate as you probably aren't),

First of all, thank you for clicking on my so amateurish-done-skyscraper-size-static-non-flashy banner done on Microsoft paint that I was too cheap to put on a normal paid Nuffnang ad unit but instead dumped it onto the so very few charity ad units in Singapore. (Probably get screwed for this as it takes the meaning of charity away from these ad units) I know the ad creative could be so much better but due to my limited drawing skills, it ain't gonna happen.

Next, if you actually got here from a Churpchurp campaign (well at least I paid for something), and you have no idea what Nuffnang banner ad unit I was talking about, here you go, for your reference:

Now this blog post is actually dedicated to Huiwen/the country manager of Nuffnang Singapore/my girlfriend for her birthday. I doubt she's reading this so if you'd be so kind to just tweet this post to her at @davienne, she might be able to catch this on her birthday today (Aug 13)

Just to tell you a little bit about her, for the benefit of you who are still wondering, who is Huiwen? She's runs the show at the Nuffnang Singapore office. I met her just about a year ago when I first joined Nuffnang Malaysia (Yes I know I'm not suppose to shit where I eat). Since this is my blog post I'd make it very skewed towards my benefit - I could not help but notice that she started showing some interest in me and so I made it easier for her and let it happen. (muahahahahahhaa....). End of story.

Ok seriously now, over the past year, even though we're staying in different countries, I guess we've somehow been seeing each other every few weeks or so. Learned a few things about her. She likes dogs. Well or so I think.

No that's not her dog Scruffy, nor is that my dog, Shasha. That's Mini, my friend Evelyn's dog when we went to her brother's house birthday party sometime last year. That was the only picture of a dog and her that I had.

Here she is trying to look hot,

I guess if I remember correctly, this picture was the process of her getting ready to look like how she looked like in the banner you clicked on. So, job well done to the person doing it. (I have no idea who it was)

We don't have much pictures together, as we both don't really carry cameras around except for our phone cameras which kinda suck. The theme parks make it easier on us that they help us take pictures during our ride so that we can buy them if we'd like them but I'm still too damn cheap to buy it so I basically took a picture of the picture that they were displaying for us to buy when we got off the ride.

(Huiwen, if you want a copy of this, let me know I'll send it to you for free!)

Dear Huiwen,

If you ever get to read this, (if you did, this means Churpchurp and Nuffnang banners really do work even with a super-duper-tiny-ass-freaking-small budget, I'm talking way below the minimum media buy) when this post goes live and you read it the time I think you would be reading it, I would be on the way down to Singapore to celebrate with you what's left of your birthday.

You've been amazing at everything, at how you handle your personal life, work life, friends, family, colleagues, gaming peeps, me, etc. You've also been extremely tolerant and have the patience to put up with the stupid shits I say or do. I can't say that I'm going to stop or reduce these stupid things, because I actually thoroughly enjoy being irritating! (Damn, how irritating is that? muahahahahahaha...). I know I drive you nuts.

Anyway, let's finish off the post with a nicer picture that I found. Something decent for both of us.

Happy Birthday dear!


Monday, August 9, 2010

Lotsa traveling

I have been doing lotsa traveling lately. Just came back from Singapore for meetings the entire week and might be off again the following week to another country for some work.

It was fun meeting the other leaders from the other countries that Nuffnang is in. Of course being kids as we were, it wasn't all work.

These Nerf guns made those we were used to in the KL office feel super puny. Well they were anyway.

After 5 long days of work there, and some late nights, Ming took us out for some playtime. Some fun go-karting time and then we went to the Luge at Sentosa where we found out interesting facts of our colleagues,

They sure loved male ass.

So I had to give it a shot as well, but I didn't go as far as trying them ass.

Wasn't that bad i must say, although I think this way might have been way better


But after riding the Luge, they were selling pictures that, you know, after you sit a ride, they take pictures of you and then try to sell it to you, yep that picture. I thought it was a pretty nice picture. So I took a picture of that picture.

They'd be running out of business soon if other people saw me doing that and learning from me. Muahahahaha.


Came back from Singapore end of the week end went straight to my former classmate's wedding. Later was I told by @nicgan that he saw a tweet from @pinkpau that said that she saw some Nuffie at a wedding. Found out it was the same one.

This is my date for the wedding.

Yep, our class form teacher. She was so touched to see all of us there after 10 years after high school. But she was one of the coolest teachers as well. We all liked her. Although we gave the principal at that time a lot of headache and said that we were supposedly "trouble", she actually told us that it's because the headmaster couldn't take our "creativity", and "outspokenness".

What a cool teacher to have.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Mizz Nina in Studio

Was youtubing Mizz Nina's songs, since I thought it was a pretty good sounding song by a local singer, and came across this:

Read some comments on the video, some said it was all an act, others think it's real. I don't know. But it don't look like no act to me. What you all think?

World Cup 2010

I lag in everything, even blog posts. No one would wanna read my shit coz i post stuff that's one month old. And they said the internet was supposed to speed shit up.

Well, a month ago (or is it just 3 weeks?) World Cup 2010 ended. And of coz just like almost every world cup i would watch the finals. Coz it'd be just stupid if everyone in the world was talking about the same thing the next day and you had no idea wat happened just because you ....went to bed.

P1 invited us to the Bangsar Street party where they closed down the whole Jalan Telawi 3 (Alexis row) and put up a stage and like maybe 4 screens there. It was also a BAT event but of coz, none of the BAT brands could be mentioned. We got there at about 10pm when the event was supposed to start at 6pm, so because we were late, they closed the walk in line, and EVERYONE, including VIP, normal guest, normal ticket, walk-in, or watever shit invitation you got, had to line up. And the line went ....allllll the wayyyyyyyyyyy from Telawi STreet Bistro, to Mcds, and then reverse to Blook. We waited like fools. until about 1.30am, then we decided to go yamchar and give up.

Then just as we sat down for a drink, @cynthia_chung gave me a call and said, david i'ma get you some all-access passes! No line, enter anywhere, anytime. I'm like..hhmmm..yes or no? 2.30am match. Sure why not, we're already here. So we went in and had lotsa fun. woohooo

Anyway, I can't even remember who was playing against who or who won the match now. But the highlight of the event was

The Half Time SHOW!. THese girls started getting on stage and doing some dirty dance moves. Aahhh..that's the only part I remember of the night.

I think this is the hottest one of them all, doing a solo

too bad you can't see her well. Muahahahhaa....

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Munchy's Muzic Contest

So there's this contest from Munchy's. But the site takes so long to load I went to chuck a shit and came back and i still can't load the page.

So after some waiting....taddaaa this is what i found!

Oh well. Go check it out at Maybe it's my internet connection.

Then why would google load so fast? and why is music spelt as muzic?

Puzzles me. Enjoy!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Apartments in Perth

Damn, just found out my sister is loaded. She's looking to move up from something that looks like this:

to something as crazy as this:

How do i freaking keep up? Plus just a reminder, she's younger. Trash me in badminton, music, sports, studies, and now pay. Damn, where to hide?

Fine, I'm hotter.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

TLC Saimatkong Car Wash

Raine helped me with my Nuffnang LR ad unit, and now it's disappeared. I have no idea how to get it back. Gahh now my earnings is going to be lower coz i have one less ad unit. Sucky.


Anyway, 2 sundays ago was a very good sunday for my car. My car has never felt so good in the last 6 months. Jonathan said, your car is probably the car that's getting the highest value for the money paid for this car wash.

This was a charity drive initiative by Saimatkong. He was doing this to raise money for a Mr Kau who needed an ankle brace as he couldn't walk properly. He was going to wash enough cars at RM15 a pop to raise RM300 in total for the ankle brace. But, when I saw the report, the participants were super duper supportive of his initiative that they donated an average of RM50 per car!

This is Saimatkong washing my car.

This initiative is part of a larger campaign from the TLC company called Promise Me. Where they had 70 wishes from 70 beneficiaries from 5 charitable homes for 70 people to pledge to fulfill these wishes. Saimatkong was one of them along with Proudduck, Teycindy, Vvens, and Kimberlycun from the Nuffnang stable.

The TLC clients were also super supportive of Saimatkong's initiative that they started washing my car. wahahahaha

We have Jon here, Creative Adviser of TLC

and Julia Chong, CEO of TLC

all helping to wash my car. All i did was stand around and take pictures. So I kinda had to do some justice and post it all up in this post.

Owner of Shine and Shield on the left, where it all went down.

On the right is another director of TLC.

My car definitely needs one of these once in a while. Think this might be the last for a while though. Sorry car.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Singapore for 1.5 weeks

Gosh, I almost forgot I had a blog.

Have been here in Singapore for over a week now. Learning something so simple yet so tough for me.

Powerpoint is definitely not my thing. Hasn't been my thing. But hopefully would change so that I can do it better soon. And not have to rely on Veen Dee or Nicki. I don't know what to do without them.

Until this past week, I made some slides with some pictures in them. Yes, pictures. I'm da mannn.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Something wrong with eyes

It's been a while since i checked my eyes. and I've started to realize that my left eye ain't that very good anymore, with glasses or with contacts. The last time the left eye went up in power I just changed the contact lenses to suit the right power but not the glasses coz I stingy.


Might need to get the eyes checked now before I make my move out of Malaysia. Would be happening within weeks. I better not be stingy this time. Hmm.. could probably charge it to the company.

Don't know if we have dental and vision benefits yet.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

DW Apparel

I'm going to find a way to dispose of the over 1000 pieces of poker designed T-shirts in my store room. There are 6 designs in some cool colors and I'd rather them sit in a store for people to see than rot in my store room.

Gotta find a way. Will post some pictures on these shirts soon.

Unthinkable and Valentine's Day

Watched 2 opposite type of movies lately. Good RM6 I spent per movie from the SS2 DVD store. All good quality.

Anyway, Unthinkable was something different,

story of Samuel Jackson playing a different type of negotiator. He tortures national threats, physically. Starts with chopping off pinky fingers, then pulling out finger nails, and then electrocuting them. If all fails, kill their wife and kids in front of them. That should make them start talking.

Valentine's Day was just super opposite.

Totally feel-good movie. I like. Totally my style of movie. I've heard bad reviews from it, saying too many stories and all. I'm like, heck, that's value, the more movies you can pack into one, the better. But it ain't love story throughout, there's cheating parts as well.

This is Patrick Dempsey and his mistress. Heck, one thing you learn from the show, don't go surprise your husband, because he might become your ex-husband.

Monday, June 28, 2010

New Computer!

Yeah I know you wanna know how I got this computer. Especially when I got it for free!!! yeah babyyy...Free shit.

Well my dad got it for free from some MCA thingy. No idea how, but I ain't complaining. After a few weeks of it lying in the living room in boxes. I finally took them out and put them together tonight. Some big ass monitor it has. Nice.

Specs were pretty decent as well for something free.

Then realized, shit, I didn't have wireless internet for this computer. Was glad to find a long ass cable to connect it from my router outside my room. So now I got wires all over my desk, and also through my whole room to outside for internet.

But I ain't complaining. muahahahaha. There's this one problem now though. I'm tech-unfriendly, so my comp's hard drive is now in 2 partitions, which I don't like, but I don't know how to make it to just one partition. Lousy me. Please tell me in simple layman's terms how to do this if you know.

But for now, the biggest concern is taking care of the empty boxes.

I guess I'll leave this to my mom. She'll know best.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Nokia The Rookie

I've been trying to watch the Rookie by Nokia quite a bit previously and have never been able to until recently. Think is my stupid internet connection or just Malaysia's connection is like shit.

Anyway I've been able to watch like 2 episodes over the weekend and I think it's a good effort! The show's concept is interesting. Well I think there's a little bit more entertainment in stuff like Jackass or Numbnuts, but this serves it's objectives of a show about business projects by 2 groups of people vying for internships in 4 companies.

I think the show is all done in 6 episodes (it's still running right now), with something to take away from each episode. We'll see if Project Alpha can do something like that for next season. We had a bunch of good entries for the auditions held in ruumz, so we'd see how we can do it for next season. Am gonna start thinking of which bloggers would be best to feature, and then some cool story line as well. But I'm thinking, way less than 49 eps.

We'll see.

To catch Nokia's The Rookie. go to

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


That's right, a supermart for funds. As simple as the name is, you can buy mutual funds in Malaysia through fundsupermart instead of going through an agent. An agent normally has higher fees and they'd push whatever fund is out at that time, whereas with fundsupermart it's up to you which fund you want to buy into and don't have to go through an agent. Simple.

These are a few reasons why we should go the fundsupermart way:

I wanna make my RM100 in my bank account into RM100,000,0...........(i lost count of zeros)

So more more info on this. Go to and invest away!