Thursday, February 26, 2009

Partypoker 1st day

So yes that's the total of my 1st day at party. Played 1600 hands total and collected 48 point out of the 200 needed for my free 125bucks from

What's really amazing is the 36bb/100 hands. Is the game really that soft? Or am i just running too damn good. Either way, it's good for me.

Anyway I thought these were a few hands worth posting:

Multiway raising and calling on the all heart-flop. One flopped 2 pair, another flopped the nut flush, I flopped bottom set, and someone donk called all the betting and folded on the river haha. I folded on the flop.

Free money. 27/10/10 check raise shove with QQ on A high flop. I had AQ.

I don't know if I did a right fold here. 4 hearts came out by the turn, I had 9 of hearts. Villain bet 5x pot on river. I folded. Wasn't sure if I could call there.

Villain 18/12 3bet=10. Villain min3bet on button with KK. I flopped straight. Bet, raise, overshove, Villain calls. Easy money.

Let's hope this good streak continues!

Partypoker here I come!

The only reason why I'm here at Party is coz Pokerstars just didn't allow me to make my deposit. Only after playing 800+ hands did Stars email me again to say they've reset my account so I can deposit again. Damn.

So yes, partypoker bonus by All I need to do is complete roughly about 6500 hundred hands at nl10 and I'm on my way to USD125 free from pokersource. Definitely doable.

So far I've just done 3 hours and 860 hands at nl10 and I can't believe I'm up almost 5bi.

But look at the graph damnit. At my very final hand my 99 ran into aces, and it all went in at the flop because I hit my set but 4 spades showed up and Ahigh flush wins. I was 3bi deep then and lost 1.5 bi right at that last hand.

Piece of crap.

I shall decide if I want to play more later..gotta take a damn shower 1st!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Kevin Au's house

Kevin wanted to play some. But somehow all the rooms in KL don't start til 10pm or later. I went to his place to play with a few of this BAT colleagues. NL50 that has a max buy in of 40BB. Only played for a few hands before 2 out of 6 players had to leave.

Finished off with a RM50 4-man SNG with 6k starting stack and 15 min blinds. 4bet shove with AJo into K7s. 7 hit on the turn, and I was out.

Can't say much to the game but Kevin's sister sure was hot. Should have taken a pic of her to share. My bad.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Sucked out by set on the river.

So here I was waiting for my money to be transferred out of CDpoker to C2p, so I went to Sam's place for a 1/2 game. The buy in is normally 300, won a few hands lost a few hands and I remember my stack was down to 150 or 75BB. Fair stack to play with, and this hand came.

It was 6handed. UTG limped. I raised to 10 from HJ with Q7s. Folded to SB who minraised me. Limper folded. Flop came KQx rainbow. SB checked. I bet 25. SB flats. Turn 7. SB check I bet 55 leaving 50 behind. SB flats again! I was like, gosh what is he calling with. River comes J. He shoves. I'm calling no matter what. And he shows JJ. WTF?!

There goes my stack there.

Live games do suck, you're lucky when you get 20 hands an hour. But then again what are you going to do when the internet connection sucks so bad you got no choice?!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Bluegate Poker Sponsoring PMC4!

BluegatePoker will be sponsoring one set 500stripedice chipset for the bubble prize for the upcoming PMC4! Last year 9th place winner was awarded this prize. We'll see who takes it back this time around! Click on picture below for more info about this chipset!

And for those who hasn't signed up yet, go ahead to and sign up!

Armanee Tournament

There will be a RM300+50 tournament this Saturday 1pm at Armanee Terrace, Damansara Perdana. Starting stack will be 10,000 chips with 30 min blinds. Rake is kinda high, but dinner is provided.

This is Armanee's 2nd tournament of this sort. The last one was about a month ago and lasted for more than 7 hours before the winner was decided from a field of 16. Long battle headsup between Marciano and tournament specialist BenCheong. Chip leads were moved from one player to the other before finally, they decided to chop the pot.

For a shot at something like this, or more details contact Derrick Lim @ 012 386 1152.

Moving out of CDpoker

So yes I didn't complete any of the bonuses by CDpoker. Moving the cash back out to c2p to see where is the next place I want to play at. I don't know if going to one of the higher rakeback places to play at would be good? like NoIQpoker, or Cakepoker, or going to Stars to just grind up those VIP levels, or clear some bonus somewhere. Partypoker has free money going out by I have a few days to think as it'll take a while for them to transfer my money out.

Meanwhile I should go tap more live games!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Feb20 - Opal Damansara game

So I played at Lionel's house tonight. 1/1 game, 7 handed. After 3 hours went home breaking absolutely even!

So this is the poster of the official Poker Malaysia Championships 4. Hope there'll be a bunch of people to play in that. Last years had 45 people. We hope to reach 60 people this time. If ever there's anyone reading my blog, sure go ahead and sign up!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Feb 19 - got stacked 3 times!

oh god, this sucks, got stacked twice in the 1st 100 hands, and then just as i was about to wrap up my one hour session i get stacked again! damnit. These are a few hands I got stacked on, maybe someone can comment on them and see if I could prevent them.
BB was a 7/4, Button was a 25/25.
villain 24/11
villain 13/13, 3bet 11%

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Feb 13, 14 - Koi mania

No online play for the last few days. Well it's been pretty irregular that I play online anyway.

13th was just lousy. Went there late just to find out that everyone was leaving. So I played 2 hands and had to cash out.

14th was a long 5 hour session. But boy oh boy did the hands not come at all. Shitty J3 Q3 K4 A4 92 hands all day. The only hands that I remembered were decent was a 88 hand which I took down after shoving 75 into a 5 way 8 buck 6 way call, mind you the initial raiser to 8 did it blind; and a AA which I had to fold to a potsize shove on the turn when the 3rd spade and 2nd Jack showed up.

All in all, sucked bad, down 1.3 buy ins. Nothing much to complain but just didn't like the fact that no decent hands came.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Feb 12 - 1600 hands total

So, I went to eat, and came back to play another hour, another 700 hands. Must say I did pretty well for myself, considering all the reds i've been having. It's good to be up in total for once in a long long time...muahaha...

Long live my internet connection! Hopefully it stays like tonight forever!

Feb 12 - 900 hands and up 50cents.

Gosh my 1st 900 hand session in a while. The only biggest pot I remember I won was a KQs 3 way all in on the flop and my flush hit on the river. Other than that, pretty mundane. But I'm actually happy that my internet connection is back up. Miraculously. ( shit i don't even know if i spelt that correctly.). Probably go back down again soon. Then I gotta go play live.

Hate the live games. I play too scared, but there aren't any lower stake cash games around town.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Feb 4

So I guess the CD poker bonus didn't happen. Lost of motivation bla bla. I suck as a poker player. Don't even think I can call myself that. Finally started playing for the 1st time in 2 months. And in just over 2 hours am up 10bb. Miserable. At least it's not down. I should just give up online poker. I don't even know what I'm doing anymore.

Yups. Only 800+ hands. OK start to poker again I guess.

One hand which I thought I played brilliantly...I think. Tell me if that was a right push on the river.