Monday, February 23, 2009

Sucked out by set on the river.

So here I was waiting for my money to be transferred out of CDpoker to C2p, so I went to Sam's place for a 1/2 game. The buy in is normally 300, won a few hands lost a few hands and I remember my stack was down to 150 or 75BB. Fair stack to play with, and this hand came.

It was 6handed. UTG limped. I raised to 10 from HJ with Q7s. Folded to SB who minraised me. Limper folded. Flop came KQx rainbow. SB checked. I bet 25. SB flats. Turn 7. SB check I bet 55 leaving 50 behind. SB flats again! I was like, gosh what is he calling with. River comes J. He shoves. I'm calling no matter what. And he shows JJ. WTF?!

There goes my stack there.

Live games do suck, you're lucky when you get 20 hands an hour. But then again what are you going to do when the internet connection sucks so bad you got no choice?!

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