Sunday, February 15, 2009

Feb 13, 14 - Koi mania

No online play for the last few days. Well it's been pretty irregular that I play online anyway.

13th was just lousy. Went there late just to find out that everyone was leaving. So I played 2 hands and had to cash out.

14th was a long 5 hour session. But boy oh boy did the hands not come at all. Shitty J3 Q3 K4 A4 92 hands all day. The only hands that I remembered were decent was a 88 hand which I took down after shoving 75 into a 5 way 8 buck 6 way call, mind you the initial raiser to 8 did it blind; and a AA which I had to fold to a potsize shove on the turn when the 3rd spade and 2nd Jack showed up.

All in all, sucked bad, down 1.3 buy ins. Nothing much to complain but just didn't like the fact that no decent hands came.

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