Sunday, March 29, 2009

6max definitely the way to go

As you can see, 6max is definitely the way to go for me. Some of these dudes really don't know how to fold, AND some dudes just can't stand me value betting like crazy on the river, and they just call even when they know they're behind.

I'll post my graph for the month at the end of the month. Really not getting many hands with 6max (300hands/hour), but the winrate is absurdly high.

The only one large losing hand I had, and I think i didn't play it wrong at all, just a freaking bad suckout:
Villain is 44/7

Friday, March 27, 2009

6max is WAY more fun

Although given that the swings would be way higher. It's definitely playing more poker than just playing your hands. Full ring was all about playing your hands, waiting for those top 5% of hands, and grinding the number of hands up. seems that the number of hands doesn't drop drastically. at 16 tables full ring I'm getting about 800 hands an hour. But with only 4 tables 6max I do about 300 hands an hour but the winrate is way WAY higher - at about 90bb/100hands! (but then again that's only over a sample of 300 hands hahaha)

Anyway looks like i'ma stick to 6max for a while now. Haven't been playing for about a week now due to some local gambling issues. For those of you who don't know what happened here in Malaysia do check out our local online newspaper. and search for illegal gambling. That's all I wanna say about it, go find out more yourself.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Gosh poker sure is hard

1200 hands and up less than half bi. I don't know if I should do anythign with my screen. My eyes get blurry after about 1000 hands and then i gotta stop.

Started the session getting stacked by house over house. Gradually built it back up to almost up 1bi, and ended the session with a big hit again.

I'm kinda bad at extracting value from made hands. No stats on villain. Should I have just flat the turn and allow no fold equity to villain on river? Maybe I was just lazy to wait for the river to get it in. How?

11k hands at Party

Few things I need to ask. If anyone can help me with this that'll be great.

The above is my report by position for the last 11k hands at Party.
1. What should steal percentage me at the SB. Am I stealing too frequent?
2. I'm losing the most money facing a raiser. I don't know if I should be more careful, or play less facing raisers.

Any other feedback would be great. Please advice.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Golf at Monterez

I've been lazy the pass few days but yes I've been playing some golf! I'm pretty new to the game, at less than 6 months since I started.

I was playing at Monterez yesterday and had my best score ever! Hit a 105! That definitely is still a piece of shit but it sure was a great improvement from my previous best at 117. So I'm happy, and looking forward to breaking that 100.

Monterez is awesome on Tuesdays too. For Maybankard members, free green fees! Just pay for buggy and insurance. Buggy=RM75, Insurance RM3 each. So in total it worked out to be RM81 for 2 persons or RM40 each for 18 holes!!!...Best deal ever!

And for some free advertising for Monterez, visit their website at more details!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

3bi in 900 hands. That sure is a sign to cash out!

After yesterday's beating at the end of the session, I didn't want that to repeat itself. At almost 900 hands I had a feeling I was up quite a bit, so I did the bad thing by going to my HEM to check and holy shit I was up 3 bi in less than 900 hands. I thought, that sure is good enough for me. I'll clock this profit in right now.

For the most part there was this loose aggressive player on my left on one table. Stats were something like 90/30. He was one of my ATMs for the day. Another dude fed me 2 huge pots - was a 35/16.

I'm doing pretty well on Party. But I think in the next few days I gotta go do a review on the positions I lose the most money at, or the hands that lose me the most money. 16 tabling on Party is kinda fast I have no idea what's going on. Just need to make sure.

Here's my fantastic graph for the day! I know I shouldn't stop playing, but I just wanted to book the win.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

LOOK AT THE DAMN GRAPH!!!....need I say more.

Poker sucks.

I can't even upload the hands on

2 hands at the end:

1. I opened on the HJ with 98spades, button called with AKo. Button is 11/7. Both have full stacks. Flop K67, 67 of spades. I bet pot, button minraises. I shove my full stack in. Button tanks, then calls. Of course, nothing hits. 53% chance, down the drain.

Not long after,
2. UTG 57/29 minraise with ATs. I 3bet AKo in MP. UTG min4bet. I call. Ace on flop. UTG bets pot. I raise to 3x. UTG calls leaving 25BB!! Turn blank, UTG checks I shove UTG calls. River hit T. sucks.

Reviewing last 2 days hands.

I had to do all the reviewing because at 16 tables at Party, there really isn't much time for you to check out your results at the end of the hand. And oh gosh I actually RAN i shouldn't feel bad for it but continue to play my style. It should hold up. There are a lot of short stack players in Party that I'm just so afraid to raise them. A lot of them have 3bet percentages of more than 10%, how am i supposed to raise a 20BB player with 3bet percentage of more than10%?!

Anyway I'm still at 9BB/100 hands...So yes i AM still running good...only the last day was bad.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Completed PSO bonus!

I was so lazy to show my stats yesterday. I'm just going to show both yesterday's and today's right here. Today I got more bored and I thought I could keep up more so I was playing 16 tables on Party. Might just be me but I feel that the time bank in Party is way shorter. 16 seems like a lot, as compared to Stars or iPoker.

Completed the bonus from pokersource 200 party points. So I get my 125USD. 100 from PSO and 25 from Party! My 1st ever successful bonus completion.

So the 2 days combined. Sucked. Played 3k hands and pretty much broke even. BLAHHH!!!...

The 16 tables was so fast, I have no idea wat happened in most situations so now I got a lot of hand reviewing to do. Poker sucks...

Tomorrow's the 150buck tourney at Armanee Terrace. I think it's an awesome preparation for next week's PMC4. But then again, I'm so lazy to sit there and play tourneys. I'll wake up and see how I feel tomorrow.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Alright. I started playing again, woohoo. Got 1600 hands in today, and accumulated more than 100 party points already. So I notified of my completion and ask them to gimme my free money! USD100 at that!

However I still have to complete 200 points in total for the extra USD25 from party poker itself. Shouldn't take long.

Today's session was super volatile. Just look at the damn graph! So many bad beats. I'll have to look at some hands again. I could post those crazy bad beat hands up, but then again I'm too lazy now.

Monday, March 2, 2009

6max at my place

2 nights ago I had a 6max nl100 game at my place. I was running hot that night stacking 3 people, 2 of them shoving into my Aces, one preflop one post flop.

One hand that I think I should have called quicker was this. Folded to me on the button, BB for no reason mucks his hand before I acted. I raised with Aces, Josh thought that I was making a standard button raise and he 3bet because BB folded out of turn, I 4bet but he thought I wanted to just take down the pot just there, so he called. The pot had 50 bucks in it. Flop came JT8 or something connected like that. Josh made a double potsize shove. I tanked, and finally called. As there was no reason to push me out of the hand if he at all connected or there were big draws. He showed K6s and that was a good result for me.

Up over 2bi that night. Nice friendly 6max game. Should do it more often.