Friday, March 6, 2009

Completed PSO bonus!

I was so lazy to show my stats yesterday. I'm just going to show both yesterday's and today's right here. Today I got more bored and I thought I could keep up more so I was playing 16 tables on Party. Might just be me but I feel that the time bank in Party is way shorter. 16 seems like a lot, as compared to Stars or iPoker.

Completed the bonus from pokersource 200 party points. So I get my 125USD. 100 from PSO and 25 from Party! My 1st ever successful bonus completion.

So the 2 days combined. Sucked. Played 3k hands and pretty much broke even. BLAHHH!!!...

The 16 tables was so fast, I have no idea wat happened in most situations so now I got a lot of hand reviewing to do. Poker sucks...

Tomorrow's the 150buck tourney at Armanee Terrace. I think it's an awesome preparation for next week's PMC4. But then again, I'm so lazy to sit there and play tourneys. I'll wake up and see how I feel tomorrow.

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