Monday, June 28, 2010

New Computer!

Yeah I know you wanna know how I got this computer. Especially when I got it for free!!! yeah babyyy...Free shit.

Well my dad got it for free from some MCA thingy. No idea how, but I ain't complaining. After a few weeks of it lying in the living room in boxes. I finally took them out and put them together tonight. Some big ass monitor it has. Nice.

Specs were pretty decent as well for something free.

Then realized, shit, I didn't have wireless internet for this computer. Was glad to find a long ass cable to connect it from my router outside my room. So now I got wires all over my desk, and also through my whole room to outside for internet.

But I ain't complaining. muahahahaha. There's this one problem now though. I'm tech-unfriendly, so my comp's hard drive is now in 2 partitions, which I don't like, but I don't know how to make it to just one partition. Lousy me. Please tell me in simple layman's terms how to do this if you know.

But for now, the biggest concern is taking care of the empty boxes.

I guess I'll leave this to my mom. She'll know best.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Nokia The Rookie

I've been trying to watch the Rookie by Nokia quite a bit previously and have never been able to until recently. Think is my stupid internet connection or just Malaysia's connection is like shit.

Anyway I've been able to watch like 2 episodes over the weekend and I think it's a good effort! The show's concept is interesting. Well I think there's a little bit more entertainment in stuff like Jackass or Numbnuts, but this serves it's objectives of a show about business projects by 2 groups of people vying for internships in 4 companies.

I think the show is all done in 6 episodes (it's still running right now), with something to take away from each episode. We'll see if Project Alpha can do something like that for next season. We had a bunch of good entries for the auditions held in ruumz, so we'd see how we can do it for next season. Am gonna start thinking of which bloggers would be best to feature, and then some cool story line as well. But I'm thinking, way less than 49 eps.

We'll see.

To catch Nokia's The Rookie. go to

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


That's right, a supermart for funds. As simple as the name is, you can buy mutual funds in Malaysia through fundsupermart instead of going through an agent. An agent normally has higher fees and they'd push whatever fund is out at that time, whereas with fundsupermart it's up to you which fund you want to buy into and don't have to go through an agent. Simple.

These are a few reasons why we should go the fundsupermart way:

I wanna make my RM100 in my bank account into RM100,000,0...........(i lost count of zeros)

So more more info on this. Go to and invest away!

Gout or Fracture?

Last night was pretty bad as the pain got quite immense that I couldn't even sleep. It used to be painful when I walked on it but last night it was painful even without touching it.

Last week Thursday I went kickboxing with Karen Mayer, and after that I didn't really feel anything much. Then on Saturday and Sunday, was limping around the golf course, and then Monday and Tuesday I was limping to the office, around the office, to lunch and back, and last night was the worst.

This morning I couldn't even get out of bed to take a piss. It was easier crawling. The foot was more swollen than before,

it was visibly swollen now. Was thinking it was all along a fracture that happened coz I kicked too hard in kickboxing?

But went to the doctor today and after taking an X-ray and a blood test,

he said, possible gout? I mean wtf? Too much meat and seafood? I'm thinking I'm one of the more healthy people around, eating a balanced diet (fruits, vegetables, less fried shit and more grilled shit), exercising by kickboxing, golf, climbing, no smoking, no alcohol, no drugs, and I end up with gout??!!

So they say they're going to send the x-ray in to check for fractures, and the blood to check for high levels of uric acid, which is supposed to cause the gout. Gout my ass.

Now I can't say I don't take drugs coz,

Gotta take these to stop the inflamation and pain.

Monday, June 14, 2010

My foot is swollen

It's been a nice active yet relaxing weekend. Started with a nice dinner on Friday night with Xiou Ann, Ji-lian and fiance Eugene at Kitchen Creatures at Centerpoint BU. I must say, although the food tasted good, the portions couldn't get any smaller. Look at these!

No frills dining's not supposed to mean no fill dining!

Woke up early Saturday morning for golf at Beringin with Ariff, John and Orson. Played like shit. Came home to chill and then went to Linda's for a pizza party with the Nuffies! Man oh man did I see everyone get a little tipsy there. So tipsy til there was interesting stories about that night. Quick excerpt I found somewhere on how interesting the night went:

That Saturday he told me that he'll be back late. I hate those ambiguous answer so I told him to give me a time. He then told me that he'll be back around 10pm-12am. I waited till 1am. I called him. And guess what? He was pissed drunk! And I asked him what time he'll be back, he said he doesn't know. WTF? He was slurring in his words with some girls voice in the background. And so in his blog post he said he had something stronger than coffee. I know what it was. I heard all his conversation the night before so bribe me and I'll tell you. Fine, he wants to have then he can do whatever he wants. I then asked him where he is so that I can get the keys from him. He told me he is in USJ. C'mon, USJ is so freaking huge lor. Then he hung up."

You know that some of us got pretty damn drunk haha.

Sunday morning woke up early again, and played golf with Kinweng, Elaine and Clarence and Kinrara. Well this time i did pretty well (for my standards), broke 100 and was pretty happy with myself. However, I was limping around the course both Saturday and Sunday. Don't know what it is but my foot is swollen. Might have been the kickboxing on Thursday.

Can you see which foot? It feels worse as the time goes by. Tomorrow's going to be a limping day again.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Government Credit Card Charges

I got this shit from Citibank a few weeks ago. A statement that asked RM50 from me even though I haven't used my card in a while. Think I'll be getting another one for my Maybankard pretty soon as well. Haven't had the time to go cancel these cards.

But then again, I don't know what's the reasoning of charging RM50 per card per year. It is REALLY gonna stop people from using these cards? I mean if that's the case I probably just trim down the number of cards, not the amount of spending. So in the end, bad for the banks, coz everyone cancel their cards, and may the fittest bank survive.

If they really wanted to stop people from over spending, then all they have to do, is reduce the credit limit on the card, be tougher on the requirements for card issuance, and EDUCATION.

Or if the government thinks using credit cards are all that bad, just BAN them. I ain't paying this RM50 charge.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Ad Tech in Singapore

This Thursday - Sunday I'll be at Singapore for an industry conference called

Apparently if there's only one advertising conference you go for in the whole year, this is the shit to be at. I guess I'm damn lucky to go and soak up that knowledge. Starting talking to a bunch of people and more and more people I know are going. What are the odds.

It's going to be a great weekend!