Sunday, June 20, 2010

Nokia The Rookie

I've been trying to watch the Rookie by Nokia quite a bit previously and have never been able to until recently. Think is my stupid internet connection or just Malaysia's connection is like shit.

Anyway I've been able to watch like 2 episodes over the weekend and I think it's a good effort! The show's concept is interesting. Well I think there's a little bit more entertainment in stuff like Jackass or Numbnuts, but this serves it's objectives of a show about business projects by 2 groups of people vying for internships in 4 companies.

I think the show is all done in 6 episodes (it's still running right now), with something to take away from each episode. We'll see if Project Alpha can do something like that for next season. We had a bunch of good entries for the auditions held in ruumz, so we'd see how we can do it for next season. Am gonna start thinking of which bloggers would be best to feature, and then some cool story line as well. But I'm thinking, way less than 49 eps.

We'll see.

To catch Nokia's The Rookie. go to

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