Monday, June 28, 2010

New Computer!

Yeah I know you wanna know how I got this computer. Especially when I got it for free!!! yeah babyyy...Free shit.

Well my dad got it for free from some MCA thingy. No idea how, but I ain't complaining. After a few weeks of it lying in the living room in boxes. I finally took them out and put them together tonight. Some big ass monitor it has. Nice.

Specs were pretty decent as well for something free.

Then realized, shit, I didn't have wireless internet for this computer. Was glad to find a long ass cable to connect it from my router outside my room. So now I got wires all over my desk, and also through my whole room to outside for internet.

But I ain't complaining. muahahahaha. There's this one problem now though. I'm tech-unfriendly, so my comp's hard drive is now in 2 partitions, which I don't like, but I don't know how to make it to just one partition. Lousy me. Please tell me in simple layman's terms how to do this if you know.

But for now, the biggest concern is taking care of the empty boxes.

I guess I'll leave this to my mom. She'll know best.


  1. Simple dude. Just re-format your hard disk. It will be 1 partition by default. There, your problem solved.

  2. really? then wat about windows and all? currently all my software is pirated! windows and also MS office. MCA giving out pirated software hahaha

  3. pirated windows & office are everywhere man. shld have no prob getting one right? Pirated cd wasn't in the box?? hahahah