Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Unthinkable and Valentine's Day

Watched 2 opposite type of movies lately. Good RM6 I spent per movie from the SS2 DVD store. All good quality.

Anyway, Unthinkable was something different,

story of Samuel Jackson playing a different type of negotiator. He tortures national threats, physically. Starts with chopping off pinky fingers, then pulling out finger nails, and then electrocuting them. If all fails, kill their wife and kids in front of them. That should make them start talking.

Valentine's Day was just super opposite.

Totally feel-good movie. I like. Totally my style of movie. I've heard bad reviews from it, saying too many stories and all. I'm like, heck, that's value, the more movies you can pack into one, the better. But it ain't love story throughout, there's cheating parts as well.

This is Patrick Dempsey and his mistress. Heck, one thing you learn from the show, don't go surprise your husband, because he might become your ex-husband.

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