Wednesday, July 21, 2010

TLC Saimatkong Car Wash

Raine helped me with my Nuffnang LR ad unit, and now it's disappeared. I have no idea how to get it back. Gahh now my earnings is going to be lower coz i have one less ad unit. Sucky.


Anyway, 2 sundays ago was a very good sunday for my car. My car has never felt so good in the last 6 months. Jonathan said, your car is probably the car that's getting the highest value for the money paid for this car wash.

This was a charity drive initiative by Saimatkong. He was doing this to raise money for a Mr Kau who needed an ankle brace as he couldn't walk properly. He was going to wash enough cars at RM15 a pop to raise RM300 in total for the ankle brace. But, when I saw the report, the participants were super duper supportive of his initiative that they donated an average of RM50 per car!

This is Saimatkong washing my car.

This initiative is part of a larger campaign from the TLC company called Promise Me. Where they had 70 wishes from 70 beneficiaries from 5 charitable homes for 70 people to pledge to fulfill these wishes. Saimatkong was one of them along with Proudduck, Teycindy, Vvens, and Kimberlycun from the Nuffnang stable.

The TLC clients were also super supportive of Saimatkong's initiative that they started washing my car. wahahahaha

We have Jon here, Creative Adviser of TLC

and Julia Chong, CEO of TLC

all helping to wash my car. All i did was stand around and take pictures. So I kinda had to do some justice and post it all up in this post.

Owner of Shine and Shield on the left, where it all went down.

On the right is another director of TLC.

My car definitely needs one of these once in a while. Think this might be the last for a while though. Sorry car.

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