Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Finally one green session!

HOHOHO...finally one session up!
It's only 600 hands but since I have been down, I went to reread this writeup Tay's friend wrote about beating nl50. I think it definitely applies to nl20 which I'm playing too. Just kinda realised that I've been playing too many stupid hands and this reread has put me back on track, back to the basics, no stupid fancy moves.

Pretty excited about the graph that it finally made a turn from the bottom. Calculated that I need about 52,000 more hands by Jan 8 to clear the poker source bonus. That's about 2400 hands a day, which will take me about 4-5 hours per day everyday til Jan 8. Quite a feat. But I'll try my best.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

1st proper session on CDpoker

oh god 1000 hands and im' down more than 5 buy ins. CD poker sure is tough. Either that or I've been out of touch for tooo long. I think my stats are about 11/9 now (im' on another comp so i dont' have HEM on this one), and I think maybe i can narrow my PF hands even more, play more premium hands.

My post flop playy sucks like shit. I need to buck up or the bonus can't even catch up with my losing.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

CD Poker here I come

Got pissed on by Tay today saying that I'm too much like a baby and needed my hand held throughout my poker journey. Aite aite i'll start reading shit on my own now damnit.

Have been deciding on which site to play on next after the bullshit Titan Poker bonus is too damn hard to clear. Did about 28k hands there and cleared I think only 30 bucks of my 500 buck bonus. So in search for the next pokersite.

After being sounded by Tay did I go check out pokersource.com and damn those free stuffs are good. Signed up with CD Poker as they were giving away $250 free money. On top of that CD poker was giving out 100% signup bonus up to $500. So I'm getting loads of bonuses at this site! Just installed it and linked it to my HEM and PS (pokersource) account, configured the player aliases, and I should be ready to rock and roll tomorrow.

Before signing up on CD I was thinking just clearing the $50 bonus on Stars with the bonuswhores.com code. But oh my god pokerstars had something wrong going on there. Download and update speeds were insanely slow till almost a standstill. Don't know why, hope that clears up in a bit.

So. Looking forward to posting some results here in the next few days.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Nov24 - Finally up!!

Only played 900 hands. But was up so I thought I'd stop and savor the winnings rather than play more and lose them. Checked HEM and was up >2bi so I stopped immediately! Probably not the right thing to do but haven't been up in a while and just wanted to enjoy it.

Marked a few hands but wasn't sure if I played the below correctly:

Villain 22/6. Villain probably had TPTK on flop or turn and that's why folded. Should I have checked the turn?

Called preflop because there was one caller before me, getting 3 to 1. Flopped the boat. I think I played it right all the way to the river, then I overshoved oop. STupid move? I should have bet half pot? as an inducing bet?
Preflop aggresor 12/7, button 51/27.

Don't think there was anything to comment on this hand, but I think this is my 1st royal flush. Had the backdoor straight and flush draw. Turn came the royal flush draw, and wualah..it hit. Didn't win a massive pot though.


Biggest pot I won that I marked. Villain 34/7. Not sure if I could have put him on a set on flop? But then again we can't put anyone on sets right? Further more he was a 34/7.

Will try to play more the next few days. Already more hands in a month than I've ever done. But it's a start.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Nov20 - 2700 hands and down half bi

Something is wrong with my SB play. Maybe playing too many hands? Button VPIP is way better now. Used to be 17% now it's 30%.

Largest losing hand today:
Villain 14/9. I think I should have folded on the river. No odds to call, he could have had that Ad the whole time.

A whole lot of set over set hands today. Of course, not in my favor.

And one that didn't make it to show down:
Villain 11/4. He might have AQ or AK. What do you think?

Please comment.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Total stats after getting HEM free from Titan.

Nov18 report

Down 3.5 bi. I'm longing for a upswing. Don't know if that's ever going to happen. Losing big pots and winning small pots. How do I change it around?

Few of the largest pots that I lost:

Maybe I should have just called his 3bet and not 4bet. But his 3bet was so small, maybe small is fishy.

No stats on this guy. Freaking got lucky on me. Could I have found a fold there?


At the point when he 5bet i knew I was beat. Should I still call? since i'm getting 3 to 1?

Villian was a 7/3 I should have just folded.

I always raise when someone calls me in the SB. It works most of the time. I guess I was just unlucky that I hit a pair and he hit a set?

I don't know if this was a good fold or not. Villain was UTG raiser with 11/9 stats. Called my 3bet, and checkraised all in flop. Looked like a set to me. Or was that a totally bad fold ?

My AKo lost to 72s. He shoved all in PF. 52/24. I insta-called. My notes on him was he shoves with K8o.

Villain was 16/11. I had AKs oop. I don't know if he was defending his BB and called my raise and hit 2pair? or maybe he had AK too. Maybe it's a set? But i can't put ppl on sets right?! Anyway I folded. Please comment.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

nov 17 report

November 17 losing hands

Few more hands that I got stacked:


quads on river beat my nut flush on river. but not sure if i could have prevented this from happening

villian was 25/16. he basically just called his way to the river.

villian is 27/11 agg 3. I've been in several pots with him and he seldom backs down, the fishy check on the river. I had to bet. or not?


villian 31/1. Limped in with AQo. On the turn I think even if i shoved he'd still call with TPTK, and get there at the river.

Please comment. These were the 4 largest pots I lost last session.