Thursday, July 29, 2010

Mizz Nina in Studio

Was youtubing Mizz Nina's songs, since I thought it was a pretty good sounding song by a local singer, and came across this:

Read some comments on the video, some said it was all an act, others think it's real. I don't know. But it don't look like no act to me. What you all think?

World Cup 2010

I lag in everything, even blog posts. No one would wanna read my shit coz i post stuff that's one month old. And they said the internet was supposed to speed shit up.

Well, a month ago (or is it just 3 weeks?) World Cup 2010 ended. And of coz just like almost every world cup i would watch the finals. Coz it'd be just stupid if everyone in the world was talking about the same thing the next day and you had no idea wat happened just because you ....went to bed.

P1 invited us to the Bangsar Street party where they closed down the whole Jalan Telawi 3 (Alexis row) and put up a stage and like maybe 4 screens there. It was also a BAT event but of coz, none of the BAT brands could be mentioned. We got there at about 10pm when the event was supposed to start at 6pm, so because we were late, they closed the walk in line, and EVERYONE, including VIP, normal guest, normal ticket, walk-in, or watever shit invitation you got, had to line up. And the line went ....allllll the wayyyyyyyyyyy from Telawi STreet Bistro, to Mcds, and then reverse to Blook. We waited like fools. until about 1.30am, then we decided to go yamchar and give up.

Then just as we sat down for a drink, @cynthia_chung gave me a call and said, david i'ma get you some all-access passes! No line, enter anywhere, anytime. I'm like..hhmmm..yes or no? 2.30am match. Sure why not, we're already here. So we went in and had lotsa fun. woohooo

Anyway, I can't even remember who was playing against who or who won the match now. But the highlight of the event was

The Half Time SHOW!. THese girls started getting on stage and doing some dirty dance moves. Aahhh..that's the only part I remember of the night.

I think this is the hottest one of them all, doing a solo

too bad you can't see her well. Muahahahhaa....

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Munchy's Muzic Contest

So there's this contest from Munchy's. But the site takes so long to load I went to chuck a shit and came back and i still can't load the page.

So after some waiting....taddaaa this is what i found!

Oh well. Go check it out at Maybe it's my internet connection.

Then why would google load so fast? and why is music spelt as muzic?

Puzzles me. Enjoy!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Apartments in Perth

Damn, just found out my sister is loaded. She's looking to move up from something that looks like this:

to something as crazy as this:

How do i freaking keep up? Plus just a reminder, she's younger. Trash me in badminton, music, sports, studies, and now pay. Damn, where to hide?

Fine, I'm hotter.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

TLC Saimatkong Car Wash

Raine helped me with my Nuffnang LR ad unit, and now it's disappeared. I have no idea how to get it back. Gahh now my earnings is going to be lower coz i have one less ad unit. Sucky.


Anyway, 2 sundays ago was a very good sunday for my car. My car has never felt so good in the last 6 months. Jonathan said, your car is probably the car that's getting the highest value for the money paid for this car wash.

This was a charity drive initiative by Saimatkong. He was doing this to raise money for a Mr Kau who needed an ankle brace as he couldn't walk properly. He was going to wash enough cars at RM15 a pop to raise RM300 in total for the ankle brace. But, when I saw the report, the participants were super duper supportive of his initiative that they donated an average of RM50 per car!

This is Saimatkong washing my car.

This initiative is part of a larger campaign from the TLC company called Promise Me. Where they had 70 wishes from 70 beneficiaries from 5 charitable homes for 70 people to pledge to fulfill these wishes. Saimatkong was one of them along with Proudduck, Teycindy, Vvens, and Kimberlycun from the Nuffnang stable.

The TLC clients were also super supportive of Saimatkong's initiative that they started washing my car. wahahahaha

We have Jon here, Creative Adviser of TLC

and Julia Chong, CEO of TLC

all helping to wash my car. All i did was stand around and take pictures. So I kinda had to do some justice and post it all up in this post.

Owner of Shine and Shield on the left, where it all went down.

On the right is another director of TLC.

My car definitely needs one of these once in a while. Think this might be the last for a while though. Sorry car.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Singapore for 1.5 weeks

Gosh, I almost forgot I had a blog.

Have been here in Singapore for over a week now. Learning something so simple yet so tough for me.

Powerpoint is definitely not my thing. Hasn't been my thing. But hopefully would change so that I can do it better soon. And not have to rely on Veen Dee or Nicki. I don't know what to do without them.

Until this past week, I made some slides with some pictures in them. Yes, pictures. I'm da mannn.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Something wrong with eyes

It's been a while since i checked my eyes. and I've started to realize that my left eye ain't that very good anymore, with glasses or with contacts. The last time the left eye went up in power I just changed the contact lenses to suit the right power but not the glasses coz I stingy.


Might need to get the eyes checked now before I make my move out of Malaysia. Would be happening within weeks. I better not be stingy this time. Hmm.. could probably charge it to the company.

Don't know if we have dental and vision benefits yet.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

DW Apparel

I'm going to find a way to dispose of the over 1000 pieces of poker designed T-shirts in my store room. There are 6 designs in some cool colors and I'd rather them sit in a store for people to see than rot in my store room.

Gotta find a way. Will post some pictures on these shirts soon.

Unthinkable and Valentine's Day

Watched 2 opposite type of movies lately. Good RM6 I spent per movie from the SS2 DVD store. All good quality.

Anyway, Unthinkable was something different,

story of Samuel Jackson playing a different type of negotiator. He tortures national threats, physically. Starts with chopping off pinky fingers, then pulling out finger nails, and then electrocuting them. If all fails, kill their wife and kids in front of them. That should make them start talking.

Valentine's Day was just super opposite.

Totally feel-good movie. I like. Totally my style of movie. I've heard bad reviews from it, saying too many stories and all. I'm like, heck, that's value, the more movies you can pack into one, the better. But it ain't love story throughout, there's cheating parts as well.

This is Patrick Dempsey and his mistress. Heck, one thing you learn from the show, don't go surprise your husband, because he might become your ex-husband.