Sunday, August 22, 2010

DW Apparel - Nuts

In my one year of not working, in between working at Healthy Homes selling Rainbows and Nuffnang selling online ads, I was playing a lot of poker and decided that there are so many terms in poker that could make some pretty cool funny tshirts, where the design if directly translated, would mean something in poker.

However, due to insufficient planning and lack of funds, we ended up making too many tshirts, with no means of selling them. The tshirts were made with some pretty good quality stuff (we went to the same manufacturer of tshirts as Mercedes-Benz, who were selling their apparel in stores for RM100 a shirt)

So some investments were made but never really turned out to return, and therefore instead of putting more money in to sell these shirts, I thought, getting another job would be way better to reaping those lost money back.

However, these shirts and their designs still mean a lot of me, and people who have seen them have always said it was nice, even though they didn't know what it meant outright. Poker players who knew the terms would after translating the designs into the terms would go, "aaahhhhhh....i get it" haha.

This is one of the designs that we successfully produced:

Nuts - our all time favorite design. Simple and strong. The word "nuts" in poker means the absolute best hand for that round. So say for example, there is 5d 7d Kh Js 4d on the board, and you're holding AdKd, you have the "nuts" as you have the Ace high flush, in which case there are no better possible combination than that.

If you had no idea what 5d 7d meant, the first character is the number of the card, and the second character is the suit. So 5d means 5 of diamonds. K = King, Q = Queen, J = Jack, T = ten, A = Ace. d = diamonds, s = spades, c = clubs, h = hearts.

Flush means the 5 card combination all have the same suit. (all hearts in the example above)
Ace high flush is the highest possible flush, with A as the highest card. So if someone has a K high flush and you have the A high flush, you win.

Flush is bigger than a straight or any pairs, or trips; but smaller than a Full house or Quads, or straight flush.

I think all these are pretty similar to Big 2 if you play that card game.

But yeah, that's what "Nuts" mean, the best hand for that round of poker. I'll share the other designs with you guys soon.

If anyone's interested in getting a tshirt with the design above. Let me know! You can get them for RM20 or you can buy all 200 pieces that I have for a cheaper price!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Dedicated to Huiwen

Dear blog visitor (I say this because I don't think addressing you all as readers would be appropriate as you probably aren't),

First of all, thank you for clicking on my so amateurish-done-skyscraper-size-static-non-flashy banner done on Microsoft paint that I was too cheap to put on a normal paid Nuffnang ad unit but instead dumped it onto the so very few charity ad units in Singapore. (Probably get screwed for this as it takes the meaning of charity away from these ad units) I know the ad creative could be so much better but due to my limited drawing skills, it ain't gonna happen.

Next, if you actually got here from a Churpchurp campaign (well at least I paid for something), and you have no idea what Nuffnang banner ad unit I was talking about, here you go, for your reference:

Now this blog post is actually dedicated to Huiwen/the country manager of Nuffnang Singapore/my girlfriend for her birthday. I doubt she's reading this so if you'd be so kind to just tweet this post to her at @davienne, she might be able to catch this on her birthday today (Aug 13)

Just to tell you a little bit about her, for the benefit of you who are still wondering, who is Huiwen? She's runs the show at the Nuffnang Singapore office. I met her just about a year ago when I first joined Nuffnang Malaysia (Yes I know I'm not suppose to shit where I eat). Since this is my blog post I'd make it very skewed towards my benefit - I could not help but notice that she started showing some interest in me and so I made it easier for her and let it happen. (muahahahahahhaa....). End of story.

Ok seriously now, over the past year, even though we're staying in different countries, I guess we've somehow been seeing each other every few weeks or so. Learned a few things about her. She likes dogs. Well or so I think.

No that's not her dog Scruffy, nor is that my dog, Shasha. That's Mini, my friend Evelyn's dog when we went to her brother's house birthday party sometime last year. That was the only picture of a dog and her that I had.

Here she is trying to look hot,

I guess if I remember correctly, this picture was the process of her getting ready to look like how she looked like in the banner you clicked on. So, job well done to the person doing it. (I have no idea who it was)

We don't have much pictures together, as we both don't really carry cameras around except for our phone cameras which kinda suck. The theme parks make it easier on us that they help us take pictures during our ride so that we can buy them if we'd like them but I'm still too damn cheap to buy it so I basically took a picture of the picture that they were displaying for us to buy when we got off the ride.

(Huiwen, if you want a copy of this, let me know I'll send it to you for free!)

Dear Huiwen,

If you ever get to read this, (if you did, this means Churpchurp and Nuffnang banners really do work even with a super-duper-tiny-ass-freaking-small budget, I'm talking way below the minimum media buy) when this post goes live and you read it the time I think you would be reading it, I would be on the way down to Singapore to celebrate with you what's left of your birthday.

You've been amazing at everything, at how you handle your personal life, work life, friends, family, colleagues, gaming peeps, me, etc. You've also been extremely tolerant and have the patience to put up with the stupid shits I say or do. I can't say that I'm going to stop or reduce these stupid things, because I actually thoroughly enjoy being irritating! (Damn, how irritating is that? muahahahahahaha...). I know I drive you nuts.

Anyway, let's finish off the post with a nicer picture that I found. Something decent for both of us.

Happy Birthday dear!


Monday, August 9, 2010

Lotsa traveling

I have been doing lotsa traveling lately. Just came back from Singapore for meetings the entire week and might be off again the following week to another country for some work.

It was fun meeting the other leaders from the other countries that Nuffnang is in. Of course being kids as we were, it wasn't all work.

These Nerf guns made those we were used to in the KL office feel super puny. Well they were anyway.

After 5 long days of work there, and some late nights, Ming took us out for some playtime. Some fun go-karting time and then we went to the Luge at Sentosa where we found out interesting facts of our colleagues,

They sure loved male ass.

So I had to give it a shot as well, but I didn't go as far as trying them ass.

Wasn't that bad i must say, although I think this way might have been way better


But after riding the Luge, they were selling pictures that, you know, after you sit a ride, they take pictures of you and then try to sell it to you, yep that picture. I thought it was a pretty nice picture. So I took a picture of that picture.

They'd be running out of business soon if other people saw me doing that and learning from me. Muahahahaha.


Came back from Singapore end of the week end went straight to my former classmate's wedding. Later was I told by @nicgan that he saw a tweet from @pinkpau that said that she saw some Nuffie at a wedding. Found out it was the same one.

This is my date for the wedding.

Yep, our class form teacher. She was so touched to see all of us there after 10 years after high school. But she was one of the coolest teachers as well. We all liked her. Although we gave the principal at that time a lot of headache and said that we were supposedly "trouble", she actually told us that it's because the headmaster couldn't take our "creativity", and "outspokenness".

What a cool teacher to have.