Monday, August 9, 2010

Lotsa traveling

I have been doing lotsa traveling lately. Just came back from Singapore for meetings the entire week and might be off again the following week to another country for some work.

It was fun meeting the other leaders from the other countries that Nuffnang is in. Of course being kids as we were, it wasn't all work.

These Nerf guns made those we were used to in the KL office feel super puny. Well they were anyway.

After 5 long days of work there, and some late nights, Ming took us out for some playtime. Some fun go-karting time and then we went to the Luge at Sentosa where we found out interesting facts of our colleagues,

They sure loved male ass.

So I had to give it a shot as well, but I didn't go as far as trying them ass.

Wasn't that bad i must say, although I think this way might have been way better


But after riding the Luge, they were selling pictures that, you know, after you sit a ride, they take pictures of you and then try to sell it to you, yep that picture. I thought it was a pretty nice picture. So I took a picture of that picture.

They'd be running out of business soon if other people saw me doing that and learning from me. Muahahahaha.


Came back from Singapore end of the week end went straight to my former classmate's wedding. Later was I told by @nicgan that he saw a tweet from @pinkpau that said that she saw some Nuffie at a wedding. Found out it was the same one.

This is my date for the wedding.

Yep, our class form teacher. She was so touched to see all of us there after 10 years after high school. But she was one of the coolest teachers as well. We all liked her. Although we gave the principal at that time a lot of headache and said that we were supposedly "trouble", she actually told us that it's because the headmaster couldn't take our "creativity", and "outspokenness".

What a cool teacher to have.


  1. why do u guys cut robb off from all male ass grabbing pics? lol

  2. coz he'd really enjoy it. and that'd be bad for us