Sunday, August 22, 2010

DW Apparel - Nuts

In my one year of not working, in between working at Healthy Homes selling Rainbows and Nuffnang selling online ads, I was playing a lot of poker and decided that there are so many terms in poker that could make some pretty cool funny tshirts, where the design if directly translated, would mean something in poker.

However, due to insufficient planning and lack of funds, we ended up making too many tshirts, with no means of selling them. The tshirts were made with some pretty good quality stuff (we went to the same manufacturer of tshirts as Mercedes-Benz, who were selling their apparel in stores for RM100 a shirt)

So some investments were made but never really turned out to return, and therefore instead of putting more money in to sell these shirts, I thought, getting another job would be way better to reaping those lost money back.

However, these shirts and their designs still mean a lot of me, and people who have seen them have always said it was nice, even though they didn't know what it meant outright. Poker players who knew the terms would after translating the designs into the terms would go, "aaahhhhhh....i get it" haha.

This is one of the designs that we successfully produced:

Nuts - our all time favorite design. Simple and strong. The word "nuts" in poker means the absolute best hand for that round. So say for example, there is 5d 7d Kh Js 4d on the board, and you're holding AdKd, you have the "nuts" as you have the Ace high flush, in which case there are no better possible combination than that.

If you had no idea what 5d 7d meant, the first character is the number of the card, and the second character is the suit. So 5d means 5 of diamonds. K = King, Q = Queen, J = Jack, T = ten, A = Ace. d = diamonds, s = spades, c = clubs, h = hearts.

Flush means the 5 card combination all have the same suit. (all hearts in the example above)
Ace high flush is the highest possible flush, with A as the highest card. So if someone has a K high flush and you have the A high flush, you win.

Flush is bigger than a straight or any pairs, or trips; but smaller than a Full house or Quads, or straight flush.

I think all these are pretty similar to Big 2 if you play that card game.

But yeah, that's what "Nuts" mean, the best hand for that round of poker. I'll share the other designs with you guys soon.

If anyone's interested in getting a tshirt with the design above. Let me know! You can get them for RM20 or you can buy all 200 pieces that I have for a cheaper price!

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