Tuesday, December 15, 2009

KDU Open Day Dec 12, 2009

So it's early Saturday morning 9am and here I have arrived at KDU College at the DJ campus. EVerythign's still pretty quiet. That day, Dec 12, 2009 was the open day for KDU College. It was kinda also the open day for EVERY SINGLE OTHER college around town. I mean whatsup with that?? CAnt' expect people to go to every open day when it's all at the same day right?? LAter did I find out that the reason why everyone's open day is the same weekend is coz that's the only weekend available. For some, SPM is not over, and then next week is awal muharram and then christmas and then nye...so which leaves us to jsut this one weekend to fight for it all...

Anyway, i was here at the KDU one because guess who. Kennysia was here to give a speech to fellow young Malaysians graduating from SPM and finding their way to "A Life After High School". Well technically Kenny didn't raelly do SPM so i dunno how credible he is. hahaha..but judging from his success from the things he has done and achieved at his age, ...celebrity blogger, gym owner, and multiple various ventures, he well deserved to pass on that knowledge and expereince to the students.

They even got him to record everything in a radio studio there. Probably so that maybe if in the future a parent says to their kid. " No u have to be an engineer, you can't be a....erm...dog ..poop,..picker..upper..." Then the kid can use what kenny said on their parents "but kenny said do what I like to do!!!"

That engineering professor would be so disappointed at that.

Anyway, there it was my Saturday at KDU open day. This coming saturday and sunday Dec 19-20 is KDU's Info day. You can walk into KDU and find out more about all the programs that they're providing for the January intake. So guys, if you're looking to get further educated. Check out KDU this weekend.

Then after you sign up, you can have peace of mind when you go for your Bali / Europe / Japan road trip.

Wait. no...air trip.


Sunday, November 15, 2009

Flexi working hours

So I woke up today to an SMS that said, Hi David, saw your handsome face on the Sunday Times today, you're not with Rainbow anymore?

For you guys who dont' know what Rainbow's are, they're the bestest vacuum cleaners around which I sold to over a hundred customers here in Malaysia in a span of 1.5 years. During my time working there I had some of the best flexi working hours ever. I woke up about 11am. Got out to have lunch at about 12noon, then went somewhere to make phone calls to setup appointments for the week, then after dinner I'd go do a demo at someone's house. On the weekends is where I'd pack my schedule up way more as everyone's home and waiting to buy a Rainbow. Weekdays were more relaxed, play some badminton, watch some movies, but just made sure my weekends were full.

Then I came to work at Nuffnang recently, which also had flexi working hours. (maybe if they didn't I would have left already, ahhahahaha). So which comes back to my point on the SMS i received this morning. And a few more of similar SMSs from other friends pointing me to check myself out on the Sunday times.

Whcih eventually I did, and found this.


This is the link for the article online. But no pics.

So yeah, my lil sunday fame. on a national paper.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

VPL no no

This is what you don't want to be doing. Look at that. If you're wearing some ugly ass underwear, and don't have a nice ass, please, PLEASE do not wear some tight WHITE pants that will show off your VPL.

For all of you who don't know what the hell VPL is, it's short for visible panty line. Not a good thing to have when you dont' have a nice ass. If you HAVE to wear tight white pants, please, wear some thongs, g-strings, or something that doesn't show off your stupid ass gramma panty. You don't see us dudes showing off our VBL (visible boxer line), so please , return the favor and keep the ugliness to yourselves!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

It’s Krrunch Time, Get Playful!

Again I'm forced to write another blog post. You know what, 1st of all I have no idea how to check traffic to this place. 2ndly, I don't think anyone's reading this shit anyway. So, it doesn't really matter what I write! Muahaha. I'm thinking maybe I should be changing my blog address, coz davidwpy just doesn't rhyme with..., I mean you can't even pronounce it. I was watching a whole lot of videos over the weekend by top bloggers around the world, ie Happyslip, nigahiga, kevjumba, they're all names that can be pronounced, wtf is a davidwpy?

Oh well, so this is a post about the Nuffnang Blog Awards sponsored by Pringles. We're supposed to be having krrunch writing this post. (Krrunch in that context means "fun", as we were supposed to incorporate the word into the blog post to replace "fun") Well I guess all 400 bloggers and Nuffies from the region will be heading to this event at Singapore late next month. Should be an eye opener to see all these bloggers doing there 'thang'!

So, do write a blog post as well, on Nuffnang Blog Awards that is. You never know you could be flying yourself to Singapore for the 1st ever Regional blog awards! Details are here: http://awards.nuffnang.com/wininvites.php

It’s Krrunch Time, Get Playful!

Ok I gtg find myself a new name now for my blog.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Exotic pets

I guess at the rate I’m updating my blog it looks like it’s a weekly blog post if not monthly one. I guess I’m keeping it alive mostly because maybe of the fact that a little more people are coming in because I’m tweeting about Project Alpha. Sigh so lame, getting traffic due to stuff posted on another source. Bad, bad....

Well I just came back from watching The Ugly Truth.

Yes most people that blog normally put up the picture of the poster of the show, but how boring is that? This was my favourite picture of the show. Haha. Awesome movie. I think any movie that makes someone cum at the dinner table is always hilarious, just like in The Wedding Crashers, not sure if any of you remember that movie.

Anyway, after the movie we just headed to Banana Leaf in Centerpoint for some light supper and I was talking to a new friend that was explaining her hobby and part time business. This girl trades in exotic pets! She was explaining that sells a lot of scorpions,


And the tamer African Grey Parrot.

But she said her favourite pet is the snake

Because the snake is low maintenance, feeding is only done once a week. Guess what they feed on.

Yes, 3 full sized rabbits a week!

Super interesting, little bit creepy, and damn sad for the rabbits, who are btw fed a high protein diet, so that they make great feed for the snakes!

I wonder if that girl would look as good as this with her favourite pet....

That sure would take sexy to a whole new level.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

DiGi Music

I don’t know how these bloggers take the time to write blog posts, and good ones too! I’m struggling so hard just to put a few words together.

Writer’s block? Not really. I just don’t like writing unless it’s just an email to convey a message across.

This message sure looks interesting to me:

You know how music is mostly digital these days, no longer do we have to buy music through a CD from the store. However to get music legally iTunes charges like US0.99 per song, which equals to RM3-4 per song. So when DIGI Music came up with RM5/month for downloading unlimited music, that sure struck me as an awesome deal.

Of course, when you download music, there’s a few things you probably need, that DiGi’s thought of for you already:

1. Create and share songs & playlists
2. Mobile download compatible!
3. NO DATA CHARGES for WAP browsing and downloads

DiGi Music basically brings total music experiences to subscribers. They give out concert tickets, exclusive backstage passes, meet & greet passes, and many more add-ons!

For more details do check out http://digimusic.com.my/

Saturday, September 12, 2009

My Birthday at Dave's

Last few days I have been working a lot on Project Alpha since the launch of the microsite and a lot of small little petty things that have to be taken care of so to make the site look tip top. Couldn’t have done most of it if it wasn’t for Nicki, Vernice, and Robb who helped me out a bunch with all the copywriting, design and small minor details.

I was focusing on it a lot that my birthday kinda just crept up on me. Now in Nuffnang we have this thing that we are entitled to take leave from work on our birthday. I had meetings set up for the entire day on my birthday. I had the impression that I would have been able to transfer the leave to another day but only at 00:00 hours of my birthday I found out that I was wrong! I either took the leave or let it be forfeited!

In a hurry I rescheduled the meetings that I could, but still went for those that I couldn’t.

But on that day itself, I still woke up in the morning, did some work for preparing for the afternoon meeting, then went out for lunch with my parents! It’s been a while since I had lunch with them. I suggested this place at 1utama called Dave’s restaurant. They have awesome pastas at 50% off M-F 12-5pm. This was the only day in the year that I could take this opportunity to eat at this awesome place again. So we went!

My cousin came along too.

My dad actually came all the way from Mid Valley, where he works. I think his friend was with him as well so he dragged him along.

All in all it was a good meal. I probably won’t be having Dave’s again for another year. Its’ one of the best pastas around at an AWESOMELY cheap price! Only if you go M-F 12-5pm! 50% off all pasta!

After the awesome lunch I went for my meeting and then caught a movie at night. Chill pill for my birthday.

Went back to the office after a day’s off and this is what I see.

Yee hou humping firdy.

Just got back from TTDI having a drink at Devi’s Corner. This is what I see.

Malaysia’s road of shame.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Civic-minded Malaysians?

I hate people who are not civic minded. I don’t know how we call Malaysians friendly, or courteous, or helpful.

I was at Public Bank last week inside their ATM counters, waiting in line to use one of their 2 cash deposit machines. There was 1 person at each machine. Doing what I thought would be the best for me, and also people that were going to be lining up behind me, I stood right in the middle behind these 2 people, so to say as whichever left first then I could use the vacant one.

There was this construction worker looking dude, Malay or Chinese I have no idea, but he was pretty dark, probably from the tan from working outdoors a lot, he came by and tried to come on the left in front of me. But then he turned around and saw me so immediately he went behind me and lined up.

Moments later, a Chinese dude, now I know this is for sure Chinese coz he was too fair to be Malay. He came on the right side in front of me, and then turned around to look at me and said, “Are you in line?” I said, “yes.” He said, “Which line?” I’m like, “Whichever that comes 1st.”

He looked at me. Shocked that I said that, and then gave me a “cheeseeen” (crazy in Cantonese) look. I think he might have even said that out loud. I was like wTF? Then I said to him so that the dude behind me could hear as well. “There’s a line behind me.” He didn’t give a shit.

So there you go, there’s 2 people at 2 machines. Me standing right in the middle between both of them, and this dude like trying to squeeze in on the right, with actually a line behind me. He looked like a typical Chinese business man. Don’t know why he’s giving all the Chinese business man a bad name out there.


Anyway, another event. I was at dinner 2 nights ago at Paramount, PJ, eating one of the best hokkien mee. When I saw this shit happen.

This dude actually just parked his car RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD to eat hokkien mee. I was like WTF. Who in the world would block the road just coz you didn’t wanna find a proper spot?! 1st of all not like it was hard to find a spot around there at that time, and secondly, must you park it THAT out??!?!

That pretty much made me so mad at that dude, that dinner wasn’t much fun already.

Of coz i didn’t do shit coz I’m chicken shit.

I tell you, Paramount has a lot of shady shit going on.

Here we have the police, instead of raiding these pirated DVD shops, are BUYING DVDs from them.

Yes I know DVD prices are cheaper and all, but if the police is going to be buying cheap DVDs, then don’t go shut people down when they don’t pay their “protection” money!