Thursday, September 17, 2009

DiGi Music

I don’t know how these bloggers take the time to write blog posts, and good ones too! I’m struggling so hard just to put a few words together.

Writer’s block? Not really. I just don’t like writing unless it’s just an email to convey a message across.

This message sure looks interesting to me:

You know how music is mostly digital these days, no longer do we have to buy music through a CD from the store. However to get music legally iTunes charges like US0.99 per song, which equals to RM3-4 per song. So when DIGI Music came up with RM5/month for downloading unlimited music, that sure struck me as an awesome deal.

Of course, when you download music, there’s a few things you probably need, that DiGi’s thought of for you already:

1. Create and share songs & playlists
2. Mobile download compatible!
3. NO DATA CHARGES for WAP browsing and downloads

DiGi Music basically brings total music experiences to subscribers. They give out concert tickets, exclusive backstage passes, meet & greet passes, and many more add-ons!

For more details do check out


  1. Is this a paidpost? *LOL*

    You too can write good post ;)

  2. ahlost: it's not. But I was instructed to write it, from my bosses. hmmmmm...hahaha

    kenwooi: it's ok. Maybe it's time to switch!