Saturday, September 12, 2009

My Birthday at Dave's

Last few days I have been working a lot on Project Alpha since the launch of the microsite and a lot of small little petty things that have to be taken care of so to make the site look tip top. Couldn’t have done most of it if it wasn’t for Nicki, Vernice, and Robb who helped me out a bunch with all the copywriting, design and small minor details.

I was focusing on it a lot that my birthday kinda just crept up on me. Now in Nuffnang we have this thing that we are entitled to take leave from work on our birthday. I had meetings set up for the entire day on my birthday. I had the impression that I would have been able to transfer the leave to another day but only at 00:00 hours of my birthday I found out that I was wrong! I either took the leave or let it be forfeited!

In a hurry I rescheduled the meetings that I could, but still went for those that I couldn’t.

But on that day itself, I still woke up in the morning, did some work for preparing for the afternoon meeting, then went out for lunch with my parents! It’s been a while since I had lunch with them. I suggested this place at 1utama called Dave’s restaurant. They have awesome pastas at 50% off M-F 12-5pm. This was the only day in the year that I could take this opportunity to eat at this awesome place again. So we went!

My cousin came along too.

My dad actually came all the way from Mid Valley, where he works. I think his friend was with him as well so he dragged him along.

All in all it was a good meal. I probably won’t be having Dave’s again for another year. Its’ one of the best pastas around at an AWESOMELY cheap price! Only if you go M-F 12-5pm! 50% off all pasta!

After the awesome lunch I went for my meeting and then caught a movie at night. Chill pill for my birthday.

Went back to the office after a day’s off and this is what I see.

Yee hou humping firdy.

Just got back from TTDI having a drink at Devi’s Corner. This is what I see.

Malaysia’s road of shame.

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