Monday, September 7, 2009

Adidas Action 3 Roadshow at Mid Valley

Since everyone's on the topic of Adidas Action 3, well, wait, maybe it seems like everyone's on the topic of it because I'm talking to people who ARE on the topic of it everyday, which makes it seem like everyone's on the topic of Adidas Action 3, wait, did I say the same thing too many times? Gah, Oh well, naturally I'd have to talk about this Adidas Action 3 roadshow that happened at Mid Valley half of last week.

Adidas Action 3 was having their launch of their new Deodorant and body wash. Massive booth at the Center Court LG of Mid Valley megamall. Saturday itself was super busy there, I think they racked up a bunch of sales just by people just walking pass.

In conjunction with this whole roadshow, Project Alpha bloggers were going to be there to hype up the whole event, so naturally, one by one they started showing up. I 1st saw snapping away,

His gf was there as well, Sixthseal arrived not long after, he actually texted me to say that he was there already and looking for the place, I didn't save his number then so i just replied not knowing who it was. LAter on the night he sent antoher text, and I replied again, but after that I started feeling stupid, as I was replying to someone who I had no idea who it was, so I had to be thickskinned to ask, "who's this?". His big reply, "HAih david, Huai Bin here. PR FAIL." Sorry dude, have definitely saved your number. haha maybe can go yamchar too since stay so close.

I think i've sidetracked too much, so during this roadshow, Project Alpha bloggers were goign to have a foosball tourney amongst themselves. This is Ken from Adidas, putting up the roster. Sam actually drew lots to randomly pair the bloggers up, so guys, don't blame me, it wasn't me. (Incase u didn't like your partner, or you thought they sucked, haha)
Sixthseal was mentally preparing himself, probably thinking, against fourfeetnine and redmummy, haigh..piece of cake
Nicole and Casey showed up not long after. Casey's goign to be showcased in Season 2, so watch out for that!
Nicole was I guess pretty happy she was pairing up wiht beautifulnara since he da man in soccer, so she might have been thinking too, problem

What's this, they're strategizing?!Oh, they're not. They're reading about nicolekiss' article in TheStar. She wrote about Michael, the director of Project Alpha!
And what's a bloggers event without appearance of a nuffie? Carol was shopping wiht her mom at Mid Valley and was nice enought to stop by.

Long enough for only a picture with Sixthseal, and then she was off!

Redmummy was really good on the part that she took super precautions with a facemask even though declared negative from the doctor of Ahini. Her son was confirmed wiht Ahini a few days ago but is recovering super fast. Audrey defintiely isn't going to contract anythign from Redmummy. hehe

The principals from Adidas were there to see how us Malaysians roll. The tall dude in the center was pretty funny, his expressions to show how awesome Windows 7 and the Leopard OS for Mac was was priceless.

Sam briefing the bloggers,

Then inviting them to watch the trailer of Project Alpha live in front of many people at Mid Valley!
So, after that, naturally the foosball tourney had to go, here we have Kenny and Jojo vs Nicole and Beautifulnara.
I think at the end of the whole thing Kenny and Jojo won the rest of them. So much for all those who were seriously preparing for it.

It was about time to buka=puasa. Adidas Action 3 was kind and super generous enough to take us all, the whole Project Alpha team to Alexis at The Gardens. I'm thinking we had about 30 people there. It was a great time, with great food. I can't imagine how much the bill came up to. But I'm sure it was well worth the good fun everyone had.
This might be the last time pictures are taking from the camera that took all these pictures. Came home to upload all these pictures and found out that my LCD screen cracked from the inside.

Maybe I'm never meant to blog?