Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Civic-minded Malaysians?

I hate people who are not civic minded. I don’t know how we call Malaysians friendly, or courteous, or helpful.

I was at Public Bank last week inside their ATM counters, waiting in line to use one of their 2 cash deposit machines. There was 1 person at each machine. Doing what I thought would be the best for me, and also people that were going to be lining up behind me, I stood right in the middle behind these 2 people, so to say as whichever left first then I could use the vacant one.

There was this construction worker looking dude, Malay or Chinese I have no idea, but he was pretty dark, probably from the tan from working outdoors a lot, he came by and tried to come on the left in front of me. But then he turned around and saw me so immediately he went behind me and lined up.

Moments later, a Chinese dude, now I know this is for sure Chinese coz he was too fair to be Malay. He came on the right side in front of me, and then turned around to look at me and said, “Are you in line?” I said, “yes.” He said, “Which line?” I’m like, “Whichever that comes 1st.”

He looked at me. Shocked that I said that, and then gave me a “cheeseeen” (crazy in Cantonese) look. I think he might have even said that out loud. I was like wTF? Then I said to him so that the dude behind me could hear as well. “There’s a line behind me.” He didn’t give a shit.

So there you go, there’s 2 people at 2 machines. Me standing right in the middle between both of them, and this dude like trying to squeeze in on the right, with actually a line behind me. He looked like a typical Chinese business man. Don’t know why he’s giving all the Chinese business man a bad name out there.


Anyway, another event. I was at dinner 2 nights ago at Paramount, PJ, eating one of the best hokkien mee. When I saw this shit happen.

This dude actually just parked his car RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD to eat hokkien mee. I was like WTF. Who in the world would block the road just coz you didn’t wanna find a proper spot?! 1st of all not like it was hard to find a spot around there at that time, and secondly, must you park it THAT out??!?!

That pretty much made me so mad at that dude, that dinner wasn’t much fun already.

Of coz i didn’t do shit coz I’m chicken shit.

I tell you, Paramount has a lot of shady shit going on.

Here we have the police, instead of raiding these pirated DVD shops, are BUYING DVDs from them.

Yes I know DVD prices are cheaper and all, but if the police is going to be buying cheap DVDs, then don’t go shut people down when they don’t pay their “protection” money!

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