Saturday, September 5, 2009

KDU - Keele University day at KDU College

Had a whole afternoon on Friday at APV office looking at Project Alpha's edited 1st few episodes. Looks damn good. So went home and you know, friday night, had a quiet night in, and since it was Saturday the next day you would imagine that I could have slept in and all, but 8am I was awake and headed to KDU College They were having this KDU - Keele University talk that Nicholas Chay, Nuffnang's country manager was going to give a talk, along with Blake Delandro, Managing Director of OgilvyAction Malaysia.
I guess I kinda arrived early, as there wasn't many people there yet. One or 2 students signing up. So I thought since they're giving free breakfast, which I kinda knew they were going to give free breakfast since KDU focuses on their hospitality program, I mountain-ed my plate with a big pile of mee goreng.

While waiting for Blake to setup. He took a while, Nick and I were suspecting that he might have been preparing his slides there and then.
Students started to pour in.
So David Tann, Marketing Manager of KDU College decided to go ahead to start the show. He was probably asking some ice-breaker questions that involved people putting hands up. Will tell you more about how Nicholas got EVERYONE to put up their hands later.
Saw Serina coming in, she was super helpful in the previous Open Day that Nuffnang was involved in with KDU College, so stole a shot of her.
These 2 students, the one in the red stripe, and guy on his right, were the only 2 Nuffnangers there that put up their hands when David asked if anyone in the audience serves Nuffnang ads! THanks guys for supporting Nuffnang!
Blakes speech was kinda long. I think it lasted a total of 50 min. But I guess since he had the vast experience in advertising, hence being the MD of Ogilvy, he had his fair share to share with everyone.
It was finally over and David went to see if anyone had questions. There was this one questions that Blake asked the audience earlier before he started his speech. He asked, is anyone here looking for a career in advertising? and no one raised their hands. Then after his whole speech, he asked the audience back - "So, since no one's interested in working in advertising, why are you all here this morning?". One student very honestly answered, "The college ask us to come attend this talk.".......

EVeryone was super quiet. Basically just stared at him, especially David! Oh gosh, if you ask me - stupid question, gets a stupid answer. Both were stupid. Oh well, luckily that dude covered up by saying something like "oh, we were just curious of what Keele had to offer."....PHEWwwww...

When I was turning around to look at that blogger who made that stupid answer. I caught this girl, covering her face the entire time i was trying to take that dude. But then i realised that she was pretty cute herself. So I thought, let's wait for her to show her face. So I waited, and waited, and waited. I was like..gosh...what's she doing? Why's she taking so long to remove that hand from her face. I went ahead to take that shot of the dude, and turned back to face the front.
until later on when i was having lunch with Nicholas, did he point out that SHIT...she was actually covering her face from ME!!!...LOOK AT Her eyeballs staring at me!!..ahahahaha.....

Later did I realise that she just got back from Queensland or soemthing liek that.

And now it was Nicholas's time to speak!

Nicholas had this brilliant opener - he asked one question that made EVERYONE put up their hands. The one and only question was,

A show of hands, who uses facebook....
And walahhh! everyone raised their hands!! Thats' what audience interaction is all about! woohoo

Look at him, put a slide up that puts Nuffnang wiht the giants of online. Nice work.
The day all came to an end. David presented a token to both of the speakers.
Hopefully everyone at the event got soemthign out from it. And we sure hope that Nuffnang's products would be of continuous service to KDU College.


  1. haha.. congrats David! I'd say this is as proper as a proper blog post can be.. keep it up dude!

  2. dave... wheres your nn ad! haha

  3. nicki: thanks. Learning loads from u

    anonymous: nn ad? I'm going to learn to put it up soon. Thanks. haha

  4. why not Taylor's college lol? we have communication course tooo :/