Thursday, July 16, 2009

Firdy's birthday

So this is going to be my 1st post since I last played poker. Yeah thanks to a full time job now I can't continue on my online poker journey. So much for going pro...(yeah right).
Just going to start getting the hang of blogging more coz i'm being screwed everyday by the nuffies that i don't even have a blog. I DO! jsut that i dont' really know how to use it. And honestly, it looks like shit. ANd i don't even have a camera so i dnuno how i'm gogint o make all this text look interesting.

So, anyway as per the subject title. We all went for jap food for Firdy's bday yesterday,, yes 2 jap meals in a day. Had one for lunch and ocne for dinner...and i listened to j-rock yesterday...gosh my eyes are becomign so small.

Ok that's about Firdy's bday. I ddint' join them for drinks after that coz im' a pussy, and had to meet Nick who just got back yesterday.

Fine i'll post a picture i took yesterday with my stupid ass 2.0 mp phone camera.

Fuck i don't even know how to paste pics properly. Btu watever. at least it's an effort. I took these pics after my meeting with MyHoneymoon. This dessert place at Kepong. THey have another store at 1u. Pretty nice. All about desserts.

OK now to change this freaking domain name. LAter...

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