Tuesday, December 15, 2009

KDU Open Day Dec 12, 2009

So it's early Saturday morning 9am and here I have arrived at KDU College at the DJ campus. EVerythign's still pretty quiet. That day, Dec 12, 2009 was the open day for KDU College. It was kinda also the open day for EVERY SINGLE OTHER college around town. I mean whatsup with that?? CAnt' expect people to go to every open day when it's all at the same day right?? LAter did I find out that the reason why everyone's open day is the same weekend is coz that's the only weekend available. For some, SPM is not over, and then next week is awal muharram and then christmas and then nye...so which leaves us to jsut this one weekend to fight for it all...

Anyway, i was here at the KDU one because guess who. Kennysia was here to give a speech to fellow young Malaysians graduating from SPM and finding their way to "A Life After High School". Well technically Kenny didn't raelly do SPM so i dunno how credible he is. hahaha..but judging from his success from the things he has done and achieved at his age, ...celebrity blogger, gym owner, and multiple various ventures, he well deserved to pass on that knowledge and expereince to the students.

They even got him to record everything in a radio studio there. Probably so that maybe if in the future a parent says to their kid. " No u have to be an engineer, you can't be a....erm...dog ..poop,..picker..upper..." Then the kid can use what kenny said on their parents "but kenny said do what I like to do!!!"

That engineering professor would be so disappointed at that.

Anyway, there it was my Saturday at KDU open day. This coming saturday and sunday Dec 19-20 is KDU's Info day. You can walk into KDU and find out more about all the programs that they're providing for the January intake. So guys, if you're looking to get further educated. Check out KDU this weekend.

Then after you sign up, you can have peace of mind when you go for your Bali / Europe / Japan road trip.

Wait. no...air trip.


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