Sunday, April 11, 2010

Should start blogging more

Have always thought that a blog post supposed to be a long ass one, just like how all the top bloggers do it, which is why I never really thought of populating this blog as I don't have time to put a long ass post with pictures here. But then I'm thinking now, fts, this is my blog I do watever the hell I like. So this is the first short post from me and many more to come.

Well blog posts are not complete without a picture too so yeah, here to you go, this is one from the Project Alpha blogger's launch.

This is the start of many more to come....


  1. hey it's you!! the person who recorded my audition vid!! ;p found cha!! haha..

  2. Hi David! Yes yes, you should start doing more now that I've tagged you!

    Check out my post and do yours! Haha...

    Hear from you soon!

    -Yan Yee

  3. shaz: hi! Did you post it up on the ruumz groups yet?

    cindy: holy shit don't blame me if i'm slow in picking up this tag game ok. I don't even post a whole lot. So bare with me k!

  4. hey, you looked bigger than you really are haha XP