Monday, April 19, 2010

Too old for stunts.

I realise I've been doing some crazy stunts lately. Probably too crazy for the age that I am already (not the age that I feel I am). Did both these stunts on the same day last weekend. Can't believe I'm still walking now.

Was at the Gatsby event all day and after the long ass day of supervising the game booths, the nuffies decided to try some of the games ourselves so the thing that we said we had to do was the Rodeo ride. Michelle took this pretty-damn-awesome-dunno-why-there-are-2-of-me-in-this-picture picture:

I fell after holding on for dear life for like what I thought was maybe 30 seconds. After that I was spinning like crazy I couldn't walk straight for a while and my palms hurt from all the grabbing so super tightly.

Then at night we went to Karen Mayer's house warming party! I must say that was the highlight of the day as we had some awesome catered food, that eventually got discarded because there was too much and no one tapau-ed!! But why I say it's the highlight it's because:

There you go, vanilla ice cream on home made brownies in one hand, white wine in the other, nice leather couch for my ass, and awesome company for the evening. I could do this everyday.

Then after all the food we had the tour of the new place, and what did we find.... a POLE!!. So I've always wanted to try doing what I see the dudes in pole-dancing I tried it and lasted for like probably, .5 sec.

Thanks to Karen she was good in capturing that .5 sec that I was suspended in the air like that. And after that my back and abs started hurting.

First the bull, then the pole. Poor me.


  1. yah old fart, stay on ur couch!

  2. ky: wah I got reader! I can't believe this shit. haha. yea yea i'll stay on the couch more. whaaha

  3. Fuiyoh look at that guy with the pole~~