Thursday, April 15, 2010

My sister the badminton pro

That's right. That's my sister in black in the video. See Yin from Mindshare asked me about my sister playing badminton and I asked him to search for her in Youtube, so he found it and I thought I'd share it with everyone as well. I don't think she plays just as much anymore but I think still enough to represent Western Australia. It used to be playing for Selangor state, training under the state association, training with Han Jian, training with Misbun, waking up at 6am everyday during holidays and coming back just as I'm waking up at 10-11am, and after lunch when I go take my nap, she goes back for afternoon training. Maybe that's why she's better than me in pretty much everything.


So if you think I kick your ass in badminton, wait til you play with her....ngahahaha

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  1. woww i used to train with the BAM team as well when i was younger...but seriously their training is super hardcore! No all karat