Friday, April 23, 2010

Oscar 1996 - 2010

Oscar has been with us for the last 14 years. Wanted to put his pic up here so at least there is a record of him or else i know it'll somehow be deleted from my phone. The last year saw him deteriorating like crazy and his last week alive had to be when my parents were away at Australia. They didn't have a chance to see him go.

We had Oscar given to us when I was in Form 1 as a puppy. He was so small he could squeeze through the front door and come into the house whenever he liked. Eventually he grew too big that only his head could fit in. He was an energetic dog, chasing motorcycles all the time, and going out and making lotsa babies with I don't know which bitch out there. Good life as a player. Maybe it's due to his good looks. (The son came out looking not as good, i bet the mom was like a fugly bitch. He may have the looks but he ain't got the taste).

Anyway, these are his pictures during his last few days.

He still looked good as ever but he was limping around non-stop, panting non-stop for 2 days, and not eating for 2 days. Fell inside the drain twice, and when I picked him up and cleaned him up he didn't even have energy to shake the water off. He had problems even standing up from a lying position already.

The last straw came when he couldn't even lick the food in even though I put it on his tongue. I had to shoot water into his mouth as he wasn't drinking too. His last night here, he was lying down and that's when I found out why he's been limping like crazy. There was an open wound on his paw and there were freaking maggots swimming inside. Must have been due to not letting us bathe him for the last few weeks. That sight made my mind up that was going back and forth on whether I should put him down and end the suffering. I knew if I didn't it would just be totally cruel to let him live like that.

The next morning, he was still limping around but finally lied down, and didn't even stand up to pee anymore. I took him in a towel, without putting up a struggle like he normally does, I carried him into the car, and drove down to the vet. It felt like a super long drive even though it was so near as I was hesitating along the way.

As soon as the vet saw Oscar, he said, he's really in bad shape and should go. Before the whole jab was even done, Oscar had already passed on.

I come home everyday now to an empty patio, where Oscar normally is. He had a good life.


Shasha's still with us.


  1. *hugs* u okay david? poor oscar =( u must be missing him like nuts man...

  2. wen: we do love Oscar

    karin: i'm fine. thanks. Oscar's fine now.