Sunday, May 2, 2010

Ascent - find out which fragrance suits you

Last Thursday, Estee Lauder had this launch event at Pavilion called Ascent for their perfumes. It wasn't a launch for any specific brand of fragrances, though they carry a bunch of brands like Aramis, Sean John, DKNY, Tommy Hilfiger, and more...

Apparently they invited a bunch of celebs there coz I heard people saying, ohh Carven Ong is here, ooh that designer is here, another designer is here. Really, everyone was looking designer-like (you know, skinny 3 quarter length pants, sneakers, with a tight shirt and you-know-they-took-3-hours-to-do hair. Yasmin Hani was there too, I think this is her coz Pinkstilettos was there and she pointed to this lady saying she was Yasmin Hani (apparently a big star, I have no idea)

well hope you can tell from her back. haha..

What I was more interested in though was the food,

No I'm kidding. I was there for the perfume. Michael Liew, the Brand GM gave an opening speech, explained what the Ascent event was all about.

Apparently, this Ascent event wasn't designed to push any specific brand of perfumes. It was designed to let you find out what perfume suited your lifestyle. In a very cool ipod touch way, (there were a few ipod touch's going around where they created an app to let you find out which perfume suited you based on the pictures you chose in different categories, I mean how freaking cool is that, personalization to the max) I had my personality tested through a series of pictures, and after making my selection from the pictures, I was finally judged as a "casual/seductive/sexy" person. From there I was given 3 choices of fragrance to smell-choose from. There was one that stood out way more than the other 2, and that happen to turn out to be Tommy Classic.

So i guess that's me. Tommy Hilfiger Classic, that points out the casual/seductive/sexy person in me. Wow.

All thanks to Ashley Wong, senior marketing exec of Estee Lauder who invited us (Michellezyenn, and Nicholaschay) to the event.

We finished off by having lunch with Pinkstilettos and her sister Schazwanyhameed who poured out the tragic story of her ex.

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