Monday, May 17, 2010

Mos Burger in Singapore

I spent the last weekend in Singapore. Was at this Mos burger joint before getting on the bus to come back to Malaysia. I kinda always tend to wanna have it at least once before I leave. I think it's so different from other burgers and always get the beef in rice burger (or i don't know if you'd call it a burger since it's not a bun).

Asked why they don't come to Malaysia, and they say they can't coz it's not halal and they have no plans in halal-fying it.

Too bad for me I guess.

If Ramli burgers makes burger babi special cheese. That'd be great!


  1. i love MOS burger! just come here and keep it non halal please!!!

  2. yeah if genting can make a living with just 30% of the population, why can't mos burger right?