Sunday, May 9, 2010

Humans for sale

I was looking through the monthly Astro magazine that comes to the house, telling you what programs are on for the month, and then I came across this disturbing article. I mean it's not like I don't know human trafficking existed, but it's just that this article just reminded me again of how bad this shit is, and so happen I had a dream about this last night, I shan't go over the details of the dream because I can remember it pretty vividly. Not cool.

Some of the crazy shocking facts, is that there are 12 million reported adults and children in forced labor at anytime. Men would be kidnapped and made laborers or beggars. Women would be made prostitutes most of the time. The youngest women being trafficked is 4 years old. A virgin could be sold up to USD1000 to be raped. And this is the sickest part:

Once the virgin is raped, she's then sewed up again, without anesthetic, and resold as a virgin again. Fucking sick.

If these people were willing beggars, or laborers, or prostitutes, then that's fine. But forcing someone to do something they don't want to do, ......I don't know what to say.

Imagine, someone kidnaps me, sends me to some far away country, says, ok David you be a beggar. We'd need to chop off your legs, and your arms, and pour acid on your face. There you go, your life disappears just like that, by a decision that was made by someone else, for their profit.

Apparently the human trafficking industry, an organized crime, makes USD32bil a year. I say fine, if you're running a brothel of willing prostitutes, but not when you rob someone of their lives.

Worst thing is, if the numbers are growing, can't help to think that the cops are probably part of this whole thing anyway. As if the cops don't wanna be a part of this USD32bil going on around.

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