Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Nov18 report

Down 3.5 bi. I'm longing for a upswing. Don't know if that's ever going to happen. Losing big pots and winning small pots. How do I change it around?

Few of the largest pots that I lost:
Maybe I should have just called his 3bet and not 4bet. But his 3bet was so small, maybe small is fishy.
No stats on this guy. Freaking got lucky on me. Could I have found a fold there?

At the point when he 5bet i knew I was beat. Should I still call? since i'm getting 3 to 1?
Villian was a 7/3 I should have just folded.
I always raise when someone calls me in the SB. It works most of the time. I guess I was just unlucky that I hit a pair and he hit a set?
I don't know if this was a good fold or not. Villain was UTG raiser with 11/9 stats. Called my 3bet, and checkraised all in flop. Looked like a set to me. Or was that a totally bad fold ?
My AKo lost to 72s. He shoved all in PF. 52/24. I insta-called. My notes on him was he shoves with K8o.
Villain was 16/11. I had AKs oop. I don't know if he was defending his BB and called my raise and hit 2pair? or maybe he had AK too. Maybe it's a set? But i can't put ppl on sets right?! Anyway I folded. Please comment.

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