Thursday, November 20, 2008

Nov20 - 2700 hands and down half bi

Something is wrong with my SB play. Maybe playing too many hands? Button VPIP is way better now. Used to be 17% now it's 30%.

Largest losing hand today:
Villain 14/9. I think I should have folded on the river. No odds to call, he could have had that Ad the whole time.

A whole lot of set over set hands today. Of course, not in my favor.

And one that didn't make it to show down:
Villain 11/4. He might have AQ or AK. What do you think?

Please comment.

1 comment:

  1. KJs, a cooler. I stack off there in blind v blind situation. Although I probably check call the river instead.

    QQ, why did you call the turn raise? If you're gonna fold to his river bet then you shouldn't call the turn raise. You had 8 outs at the turn to improve and I'm not sure you got the right odds if you don't plan on continue with the hand if you don't catch?