Sunday, November 23, 2008

Nov24 - Finally up!!

Only played 900 hands. But was up so I thought I'd stop and savor the winnings rather than play more and lose them. Checked HEM and was up >2bi so I stopped immediately! Probably not the right thing to do but haven't been up in a while and just wanted to enjoy it.

Marked a few hands but wasn't sure if I played the below correctly:
Villain 22/6. Villain probably had TPTK on flop or turn and that's why folded. Should I have checked the turn?
Called preflop because there was one caller before me, getting 3 to 1. Flopped the boat. I think I played it right all the way to the river, then I overshoved oop. STupid move? I should have bet half pot? as an inducing bet?
Preflop aggresor 12/7, button 51/27.
Don't think there was anything to comment on this hand, but I think this is my 1st royal flush. Had the backdoor straight and flush draw. Turn came the royal flush draw, and hit. Didn't win a massive pot though.

Biggest pot I won that I marked. Villain 34/7. Not sure if I could have put him on a set on flop? But then again we can't put anyone on sets right? Further more he was a 34/7.

Will try to play more the next few days. Already more hands in a month than I've ever done. But it's a start.

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  1. 99 - Just bet, no need to slow play. Lots of shit out there.
    88 - Raise that shit preflop. Limp call in early position tells me you have a small to medium pair. A small raise on turn is good there. They might pay a few bucks more for a club draw or something.