Tuesday, December 9, 2008

CD Poker here I come

Got pissed on by Tay today saying that I'm too much like a baby and needed my hand held throughout my poker journey. Aite aite i'll start reading shit on my own now damnit.

Have been deciding on which site to play on next after the bullshit Titan Poker bonus is too damn hard to clear. Did about 28k hands there and cleared I think only 30 bucks of my 500 buck bonus. So in search for the next pokersite.

After being sounded by Tay did I go check out pokersource.com and damn those free stuffs are good. Signed up with CD Poker as they were giving away $250 free money. On top of that CD poker was giving out 100% signup bonus up to $500. So I'm getting loads of bonuses at this site! Just installed it and linked it to my HEM and PS (pokersource) account, configured the player aliases, and I should be ready to rock and roll tomorrow.

Before signing up on CD I was thinking just clearing the $50 bonus on Stars with the bonuswhores.com code. But oh my god pokerstars had something wrong going on there. Download and update speeds were insanely slow till almost a standstill. Don't know why, hope that clears up in a bit.

So. Looking forward to posting some results here in the next few days.

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