Monday, June 7, 2010

Government Credit Card Charges

I got this shit from Citibank a few weeks ago. A statement that asked RM50 from me even though I haven't used my card in a while. Think I'll be getting another one for my Maybankard pretty soon as well. Haven't had the time to go cancel these cards.

But then again, I don't know what's the reasoning of charging RM50 per card per year. It is REALLY gonna stop people from using these cards? I mean if that's the case I probably just trim down the number of cards, not the amount of spending. So in the end, bad for the banks, coz everyone cancel their cards, and may the fittest bank survive.

If they really wanted to stop people from over spending, then all they have to do, is reduce the credit limit on the card, be tougher on the requirements for card issuance, and EDUCATION.

Or if the government thinks using credit cards are all that bad, just BAN them. I ain't paying this RM50 charge.


  1. should waive it for the first card tho -__-

  2. aiyah, waive already then how they build big bungalows and buy helicopters for themselves?