Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Gout or Fracture?

Last night was pretty bad as the pain got quite immense that I couldn't even sleep. It used to be painful when I walked on it but last night it was painful even without touching it.

Last week Thursday I went kickboxing with Karen Mayer, and after that I didn't really feel anything much. Then on Saturday and Sunday, was limping around the golf course, and then Monday and Tuesday I was limping to the office, around the office, to lunch and back, and last night was the worst.

This morning I couldn't even get out of bed to take a piss. It was easier crawling. The foot was more swollen than before,

it was visibly swollen now. Was thinking it was all along a fracture that happened coz I kicked too hard in kickboxing?

But went to the doctor today and after taking an X-ray and a blood test,

he said, possible gout? I mean wtf? Too much meat and seafood? I'm thinking I'm one of the more healthy people around, eating a balanced diet (fruits, vegetables, less fried shit and more grilled shit), exercising by kickboxing, golf, climbing, no smoking, no alcohol, no drugs, and I end up with gout??!!

So they say they're going to send the x-ray in to check for fractures, and the blood to check for high levels of uric acid, which is supposed to cause the gout. Gout my ass.

Now I can't say I don't take drugs coz,

Gotta take these to stop the inflamation and pain.


  1. i think diet's only responsible for some 10-20% of gout cases

  2. KY: yeah it's confirmed not gout now! blood test results came out. not gout not fracture. Dunno wat it is

    Tim2: thanks man. i'm not sick, i just can't walk. I've been crawling though. it's faster that way haha