Sunday, March 8, 2009

3bi in 900 hands. That sure is a sign to cash out!

After yesterday's beating at the end of the session, I didn't want that to repeat itself. At almost 900 hands I had a feeling I was up quite a bit, so I did the bad thing by going to my HEM to check and holy shit I was up 3 bi in less than 900 hands. I thought, that sure is good enough for me. I'll clock this profit in right now.

For the most part there was this loose aggressive player on my left on one table. Stats were something like 90/30. He was one of my ATMs for the day. Another dude fed me 2 huge pots - was a 35/16.

I'm doing pretty well on Party. But I think in the next few days I gotta go do a review on the positions I lose the most money at, or the hands that lose me the most money. 16 tabling on Party is kinda fast I have no idea what's going on. Just need to make sure.

Here's my fantastic graph for the day! I know I shouldn't stop playing, but I just wanted to book the win.

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