Saturday, March 7, 2009

LOOK AT THE DAMN GRAPH!!!....need I say more.

Poker sucks.

I can't even upload the hands on

2 hands at the end:

1. I opened on the HJ with 98spades, button called with AKo. Button is 11/7. Both have full stacks. Flop K67, 67 of spades. I bet pot, button minraises. I shove my full stack in. Button tanks, then calls. Of course, nothing hits. 53% chance, down the drain.

Not long after,
2. UTG 57/29 minraise with ATs. I 3bet AKo in MP. UTG min4bet. I call. Ace on flop. UTG bets pot. I raise to 3x. UTG calls leaving 25BB!! Turn blank, UTG checks I shove UTG calls. River hit T. sucks.

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