Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Golf at Monterez

I've been lazy the pass few days but yes I've been playing some golf! I'm pretty new to the game, at less than 6 months since I started.

I was playing at Monterez yesterday and had my best score ever! Hit a 105! That definitely is still a piece of shit but it sure was a great improvement from my previous best at 117. So I'm happy, and looking forward to breaking that 100.

Monterez is awesome on Tuesdays too. For Maybankard members, free green fees! Just pay for buggy and insurance. Buggy=RM75, Insurance RM3 each. So in total it worked out to be RM81 for 2 persons or RM40 each for 18 holes!!!...Best deal ever!

And for some free advertising for Monterez, visit their website at http://www.monterez-golf.com/for more details!

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