Thursday, February 26, 2009

Partypoker here I come!

The only reason why I'm here at Party is coz Pokerstars just didn't allow me to make my deposit. Only after playing 800+ hands did Stars email me again to say they've reset my account so I can deposit again. Damn.

So yes, partypoker bonus by All I need to do is complete roughly about 6500 hundred hands at nl10 and I'm on my way to USD125 free from pokersource. Definitely doable.

So far I've just done 3 hours and 860 hands at nl10 and I can't believe I'm up almost 5bi.

But look at the graph damnit. At my very final hand my 99 ran into aces, and it all went in at the flop because I hit my set but 4 spades showed up and Ahigh flush wins. I was 3bi deep then and lost 1.5 bi right at that last hand.

Piece of crap.

I shall decide if I want to play more later..gotta take a damn shower 1st!

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