Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Ain't nothing stopping me from golf

Quick post before I go out to the driving range. God really is trying to stop me from playing golf today. Somehow or another there has been barriers one after another.

I went to work today all ready for my afternoon golf with Tommy Hoo, a dude I met at the golf course like 1 year ago and out of all the friends that are normally available to play during the weekdays, he was the only one available today. So, after lunch just as I was about to leave the office to go play, BBSHHHHHH......rain. Big time. Went back up to the office to get the umbrella, and walked to my car. Shoes were all wet when I got into the car.

Left the office and traffic was insane at the Jalan Duta roundabout near the hockey stadium. I was at a standstill (fine, i moved 100m) for 30 min. Just not moving at all. Found out that some dude left his Estima right in one lane and leaving only one lane to move getting out of the round about.

After getting out of the jam, thought, phewww...finally i'm driving at last. Still raining though. But rain don't stop no golfer. Only lightning does. And just as I was exiting the NKVE at Bukit Jelutung,

Yep. That's my car. Skidded and smashed against the fender. These are some more pictures:

and this is how the accident place looked like:

Instead of taking chunks off the fairways, I take chunks out of highway-side-grass.

During the skid, before hitting the fender, the only thing on my mind was, fuck...this looks like i'm going to hit quite bad and I can't go play golf. After the impact, the car was still running. So optimistic me said, well the car still can move, I think i can still make it to the golf course. We'll deal with the damage later. Called my dad (well it's his car), and got directions from him to take the car home asap. Sigh...

So i'm going to the driving range now. (in my dad's usual car)


I got new shoes. woohoo!

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