Sunday, May 8, 2011

Top Blogger Gathering

Last weekend was a fruitful weekend. This is not supposed to be publicized since it's a more "closed" event. We just wanted to build better relationships with the more influential bloggers and let them know exactly what we were doing so they could support us. Since not many people read my blog I guess it's ok to share a few things.

The 2 day event started on Friday evening where Julia and Eric, went to the airport with this:

Yep, it's one of the posters to let the bloggers coming from other parts of China to identify us at the airport. We had 3 coming from outside Beijing. We then all went to Blue Frog at Sanlitun where it was the first time we met most of them and had a good night chilling, dinner, and drinks. Most of them have heard of each other but just not met them in person.

The next day was a whole day packed with activities. We started the day at a hotel meeting room where we really just sat down and presented what Nuffnang was to all these Chinese bloggers. Surprisingly they were all very supportive and also brought up many interesting concerns and questions.

Yep, I was sitting down most of the time, then as soon as I stood up to make some points, I saw Kingston take a pic of me.

We then adjourned to lunch at this awesome steamboat place near the Nuffnang office. It hadn't been open for long but we found it since we walk pass it everyday. It looks SUPER posh and expensive but actually it's priced very reasonable. I sometimes just spend my whole Saturday afternoon in there on their couches for Dimsum and doing some work on my laptop.

Lunch made us all too full. We then went to Nanluoguxiang hutong and Houhai to just walk around and enjoy the weather. Weather was really perfect that day. After all that walking we ended up chilling at a bar and having Tsing Tao in the afternoon.

Starming and Me:

Rachel and Kingston:

Then the fun started happening when we got bored and decided to buy some cards to play. Kingston was all about wanting to gamble, but not everyone wanted to do that, so we suggested, why not instead of betting cash, we bet push ups. NYAHAHAHAHAHA....

U can imagine, we were raising each other's push up amounts til it got quite insane. hahaha. And the bloggers were sporting enough that they actually did all the push ups they "lost". Kingston being the big gambler ended up "working out" a lot that afternoon!

We were all hungry again after all that working out, we went to dinner at South Beauty, a very famous restaurant in Beijing and then went to KTV after that where everyone let loose and chilled before heading home.

We were all really happy that all the bloggers had fun and we hope to have more of these in the future. Hopefully then it'd all be sponsored by advertisers!!!

Oh one more picture before I end this, before leaving Houhai, I just had to take this picture of this old "auntie" belting out some old-style songs so passionately in the middle of everyone at Houhai. It's just something they all do.

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