Monday, May 16, 2011

Beijing Football and more

After having that good blogger weekend gathering, since we spent quite a bit on the bloggers, we actually racked up quite a few meal points here and there that we could use to redeem good food. So we went back to the hotpot place that we took the bloggers to and had a feast ourselves. hehe

and as if that wasn't good enough, that night itself, Wangjing invited us to her restaurant/cigar bar at the Financial Street area, and treated us to a full western style meal including salad, soup, mains, dessert, and wine.

Since it's a cigar bar, she and her cousin gave us a tour and introduced to us the different cigars there were. We had a 5min crash course and now i feel like I know a shit ton about cigars!! Wahahah...well I like that feeling that I know, even though I really don't.

This is their biggest cigar. Not for sale.

The next day (Saturday) we did our regular routine with Jason and gang. Dinner was at Beijing's K-town Wangjing. (Yes, Wangjing came along to Wangjing for dinner too, haha). After dinner, what was supposed to be a chill night, ended up having red wine with cheese, then going to another place for flaming dr. peppers, and then to another place to dance and after that I excused myself to go home while the rest continued.

Yep this is a random pic of Montse and I in a Nike store. This is the new Montse, new and improved version, compared to her fatass +13kg version a year ago. She's all out to flaunt. Am going to do some quick advertising for her here, she used to be the face of a lot of FMCG products in Philippines - shampoo, soap, hair coloring, etc, and get paid loads for it. Now she's a strategic planner for McCann Healthcare, single, available and ready to mingle. Interested, please leave a comment below and I'll forward it to her.


Yesterday was the first time I've been to a football game EVER. It was awesome. Beijing Guoan vs Tsingtao. Of course the majority of the stadium was all Beijing Guoan supporters.

The Tsingtao supporters were only....

...yep that much. So for their protection, there were guards sitting all around them to protect from the Beijing Guoan madness. The vulgarity at the game towards the Tsingtao fans, were...awesome. You learn quite a few vulgar words at these games, it's a good vocab picking up place.

Beijing Guoan only in the last 30 minutes scored 2 goals. Imagine what would happen if Tsingtao scored instead? hhmmm

Niubi - this is what's written on the stadium door -

Just say it to anyone in China. Then see their reaction. hehehe

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