Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Shuangjing Dinner

Go just got back from Dalian in the morning yesterday and said, why not go for dinner? I normally go for kickboxing in the evening, but since I already went 3 days in a row, I decided to be lazy and take a break to go have dinner with him. He came to the office to meet up with me first and since Julia was still here she joined us for dinner.

We went to Shuangjing for Shabushabu. This chain joint, is always packed. It's cheap and tasty steamboat. 3 of us ate for RMB100.

I'm starting more and more to like the Shuangjing area, there are a lot of apartments there and it's very close to Guomao CBD so after work, a bunch of people go there to eat dinner near their homes and then chill around there before just heading back around that area to go home.

After dinner, we were just outside of the mall to enjoy these 2 dudes playing acoustic guitar and performing. Singing and playing. Pretty damn good I must say, no one claps though, so Go and I just kept clapping and "wwooott-ing" after every song hehehee.

Then it gets weird. Across the street, people were also outside, but not young people, a bunch of old people out there singing into a microphone with background music in an out-of-tune fashion. I looked at Julia, surprised. She said, yep that's how China people roll.

Then it got even more weird. This group, had lyrics on a wall, with NO music, and just singing outside themselves. Yep, that's lyrics on the wall and they were all singing.


Well, as long as they enjoy themselves. I think that's the most important.

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