Thursday, April 23, 2009

For my readers, if I have any at all....

My new website just got relaunched. How about a free shirt for EVERYONE! Please join the dwapparel facebook page and leave your comments, feedback and ideas!

As far as poker, damn, I've been taking too much time for my jobsearch I've put off poker for about I dunno, 1 month? Damnn...have withdrawn my roll from party and gonna put it back into stars to get the 1st time depositors free $50. We'll see how I do at nl25!


  1. Hi DW,

    From reading your blog, I believe that you are able to make deposit to Stars. Can you tell me how are you doing that?

    I play on FT but these days the connection there is very unstable due to our Malaysian Shitmyx. Connection to Stars is great though and I guess it's because they have more servers in PS.

    Please do not suggest transfer on 2P2 as I do not fancy moving my FT roll over but instead would like to make a new deposit. I previously used Click2Pay but it doesn't seem to work anymore.


  2. Hi,

    Click2pay still works for me. I basically just made one deposit and have been transferring my roll from site to site via C2P. You'd probably want to do that too so that you can enjoy all the bonuses when you make new deposits.

    C2p did have some higher security upgrades which made things slightly harder as they do not show your PAN now. Everytime you want to make a deposit onto a site you'd have to ask for a new PAN.

    Do let me know if C2P still doens't work.


  3. Hi DW,

    How do you transfer your roll from site to site via C2P? What I'm doing is that I originally deposited into FT. Now I transfer between FT and PS using 2P2 market place (yes I'm careful about it so that I don't get scammed) but obviously person to person transfer does not make me eligible for deposit bonuses.

    So please let me know how you transfer from site to site via C2P? You mean you withdraw from a site to C2P and then use the funds there to deposit somewhere else? I'm lost...


  4. Hi Anonymous,

    That's exactly right. I withdraw from a site to c2p, then deposit from c2p to another site. However, you can only use this option if you originally made a deposit to the site you want to withdraw from with c2p. If you deposited into the site via player transfer, you cannot withdraw with c2p. So I suggest, make a deposit with a credit card via c2p, then you'd be eligible for bonuses, and eventually make your fund transfers within sites way easier.

    let me know if this helps.