Sunday, April 5, 2009

1st session at nl25

OK I've played nl25 during the beginning of my poker career at Stars. I was losing too fast that I had to move down to nl10 and have been playing at that stakes for the longest time.

My roll's up and I'm back at nl25 and for the 1st session here at Party. Party's tables at nl25 are a whole lt more limited compared to nl10. I'm gonna play til I reach 600partypoints (am at 550+) now before I cash out and move back to Stars, the table selection there is way better. 600 points because you get to cash out $5 for every 200 partypoints u acquire. So for another 50 points, why not? haha..

Again, at 6max, lotsa stacking here and there, but I was glad to cash out my 1st session up 1bi.

We'll see how today goes!

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